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David Burgess Nears Decision

6'10 David Burgess told Inside TheVille Radio Monday evening that he'll likely announce his decision by the end of this week. ITV has exclusive comments about each of David's three finalists and the factors he'll consider as he makes his decision this week. <P> <B>EXTRA:</b> <a href=""><B>ITV Radio Replay</b></a><img src="">

6'10 David Burgess told Inside TheVille Radio Monday evening that he's nearing a decision and will likely announce his college choice by the end of this week.

"I'm going to verbal this upcoming week," Burgess said. "And I'm going to sign in November so I can play my senior season without anything on my back and just know where I'm going to go."

Burgess, who has narrowed his list to three finalists, will decide between BYU, Gonzaga and Louisville.

On BYU: My whole family is out there on my mother and fathers side and it's a good upcoming program. [They've] done well with their big men and no one is selfish and they interact with each other well.

On Louisville: The main reason I'd go there is Coach Pitino. [He's] the best coach you could possibly get. Distance is not a problem at all because my parents and brother will fly out to come see my games.

On Gonzaga: What amazed me is how the players interact. There's no selfishness and they go hard [in practice]. They really work hard and I can see why Coach Few is so successful with that program.

With that in mind, Burgess has a couple factors that will sway his decision this week.

"The most important [going] somewhere where [I] would play right away, not necessarily start, but [somewhere] that you know you're going to get significant minutes and you're going to get the ball," Burgess said. "And another thing is the coach and the players. Obviously, you have to like the coach and the assistants and all the players."

Burgess said that none of the three schools leads for his services as decision time nears but indicated he'd be making a call to BYU's Coach Cleveland to find out where he stands after Chris Miles' recent commitment.

"I'm going to call BYU when I get home because they just signed Chris Miles, another big guy on top of Trent Plaisted and I'm going to call Coach Cleveland and figure out what his plans with that is," Burgess said. "I don't want to go somewhere where I'm going to have to compete with someone all those four years that's going to be in my same class. I want to go somewhere I can learn from someone older than me and then he leaves and I take his role."

Should Burgess choose Louisville he would likely vault the Cardinals recruiting class, which consists of Sebastian Telfair, Brian Johnson, Donta Smith, Lorenzo Wade and Terrance Farley, to #1 in the country.

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