Diakite's eligibility in question

Nouha Diakite was forced to sit out Louisville's game Monday vs. EA Sports because of question's about his amatuer status. Inside The Ville provides the latest.

6'9 Nouha Diakite arrived from Barton County (KS) C.C. early this summer and looked like he'd fit right in, providing Louisville with an athletic rebounder/ shot blocker up front.

However, the native of Athis Mons, France was forced to sit out Monday night's game because of questions about his amatuer status.

"Nouha can't play because we're just waiting for the paper work from his foreign team, which arrived today," Pitino said. "We got the last piece of his amatuerism in today. So we will give that to the NCAA tomorrow and he'll hopefully play in the Red-White game on Saturday."

Louisville, who hopes to receive approval from the NCAA to conduct a third intra-squad scrimmage this weekend, is also hopeful that Diakite will be cleared in time to participate in the contest.

Stay tuned.

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