Scribblings From the Cheap Seats

Fan's perspective of the Louisville - EA Sports contest.

And we thought it would never get here. Yes, the University of Louisville football season is in full swing, and another successful gridiron season is in the making, but nothing gets my blood pumping like Cardinal basketball, even an Exhibition game.

With that in mind, some quick thoughts on the Cardinals first official Exhibition game of the season:

Francisco Garcia immediately showed why he is being touted as the CUSA pre-season player of the year and why many believe he will be an All-American possibly even this year. He stroked three's, made pin-point passes, many of which were not converted, and had an overall impressive game.

If there is one area, however, where Garcia and everyone else on the team for that matter, will need to contribute, it is rebounding. TaQuan Dean showed a nose for the ball while playing the Point Guard spot by pulling down 7 rebounds. However, the Cards will need that type of contribution from many other players to get ovet its lack of inside bodies.

Luke Whitehead appears ready to shoulder much of that load as his late season surge appears to have carried over into this season.

If there was any doubt that the 3 point shot will be a huge part of this team's success, it was put to bed immediately when 3 of the first 6 shots made were three's. Once Nate Daniels and Taquan Dean start shooting the three as they are capable, this team will be even more difficult to defend.

Is Brad Gianiny UofL's version of one of the Diener family?

It was nice to see Larry OBannon get the starting nod last night. O'Bannon's a local kid, hard worker and all around great student-athlete. However, you do have to wonder whether that spot in the starting lineup will be a rotating one until the eligibility issues are cleared up for Diakite.

Despite what some biased members of the local media may want folks to believe, Louisville fans take a back seat to no one in their support of their teams. This was never quite so evident in last night's crowd of 17,000+ for an Exhibition Game, on a school night no less.

Freedom Hall is one of the greatest places on the planet to watch a basketball game.

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