Coach Petrino talks about loss, preparation

Head Coach Bobby Petrino, as well as junior receiver J.R. Russell, spoke with the media on Thursday afternoon.

Coach Bobby Petrino: I think the only disappointing thing in that game was the outcome. The players played extremely hard. We matched TCU's physical play, which was good to see and right down to the wire I thought our guys gave great effort, but unfortunately we came out on the wrong end of it. It was a heck of a college football game.

Q: What did you say to Nate Smith when the game was over?

Coach Petrino: I just told him to keep his head up. That's the nature of the position. He'll be in that situation again and he'll get a big kick for a win. That position and get the heat when you don't win.

Q: What did you say to the team?

Coach Petrino: I told them that I was very proud of the way they played. I didn't see one person on the sideline that didn't believe we wouldn't come back and win that game. I thought we pulled together and got closer as a team...sometimes in life you don't win even when you do your best.

Q: You appeared to be frustrated on the sidelines and upset with some of the officiating.

Coach Petrino: I was a little frustrated with it. I think if you watched the video that you would be too.

Q: Will this be a tough game to get over?

Coach Petrino: It's going to be a tough one to get over, but fortunately we don't play until a week from Saturday. We'll get the players back in here [on Friday] to stretch and run. Usually the players come back from things quicker than coaches do. We'll start working Sunday night for Memphis.

Q: What's the status of Eric Shelton?

Coach Petrino: We came back last night and checked him into the hospital for precautionary measures. I'm not just sure how quick he'll be back. He'll be back as soon as he can because he's a tough kid.

Q: How tough was this loss compared to others?

J.R. Russell: It was a tough loss. They are a conference rival, defending champs and 8-0 and we wanted to give them their first loss. It was a hard fought game and I was proud of the team and the way we fought all game.

Q: Can you quickly put this behind you and move on to the next game?

Russell: We're going to have too. It hurts, but we'll watch the film and then get ready for the next game.

Q; Did you say anything to Nate Smith after the game?

Russell: It told him that he's been there for us all year. If we, as an offense, would have put in the end zone we wouldn't have even had to put it in his hands, but Nate's a good kicker.

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