Jurich talks BIG EAST, thanks former athletes

Tom Jurich spoke Thursday night to a group of former athletes at the Brown and Williamson Club about Louisville's move to the BIG EAST Conference.

University of Louisville Vice President of Athletics Tom Jurich spoke with a large group of former athletes at the Brown and Williamson Club Tuesday night about U of L's move to the BIG EAST.

Jurich applauded the group for their accomplishments and efforts and said they were instrumental components to getting U of L to the point that it was an attractive partner for the BIG EAST.

Jurich also addressed the issue of the timing of the move to the BIG EAST, stating once again that the ball was in Dr. Ramsey's court and that the Cards faced an "uphill battle," in getting its exit date from C-USA moved up a year.

Just a week removed from U of L's acceptance of the BIG EAST's offer, Jurich was already talking about the future.

"The beginning is just starting now," Jurich said. "We are poised for the future."

"I think this is a community full of passion," Jurich continued. "And we dare to be great."

Jurich also stated that BIG EAST Commissioner Mike Tranghese is expected to make a trip to Freedom Hall in the near future to get a sense of the strong community support for U of L and get aqainted with the fans of his conference's newest member.

"He's been instrumental in this," Jurich said of Tranghese. "He's passionate about including U of L and [wants to] see what the best college sports town is all about."

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