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Lionel Gates talks about TCU, Memphis

Junior running back Lionel Gates, who could receive the majority of the rush attempts against Memphis, spoke with ITV following Tuesday's practice. <P> <B>EXTRA:</B> <a href=""><B>ITV Gallery: Tuesday practice</b></a>

ITV: You had a big game against TCU, including a new record of 134 receiving yards.

Lionel Gates: It's an awesome privledge to be in any college's record book, especially at the University of Louisville. I've been waiting around for my time and I was given the opportunity to go out there and give my best to try to help the team come out on top, but unfortunately we lost. Hopefully we'll learn from that and come back and win this weekend.

ITV: Did you expect to see so many passes come your way?

Lionel Gates (ITV)
Gates: Every running back also hopes to get a lot of rushing yards, but any way that I can get the ball to make a difference, it doesn't matter how, I just need to get the yards that the team needs.

ITV: With Eric Shelton being day-to-day, the majority of the run attempts may rest on your shoulders this weekend.

Gates: I don't have any problem with that. Any time one of our backs go down, we have a lot of guys in the backfield that can step up and take on that responsibility. When coach calls my number again, I'll go out and try to step up my game and do my best.

ITV: You seem to have the ability to be both a slasher and power running back.

Gates: I like to work with all areas of my game…spin moves, power and finesse. It's good to have different ways to run. That way the defense can figure you out and expect you to run the same way every time.

ITV: What do you expect to see from the Memphis defense this Saturday?

Gates: We've been watching game film on Memphis all weekend. They are an aggressive team and are real fast to get to the ball. I hope they come after me, so we can get some of our other playmakers the ball. Any way that I can help out. We'll come out ready to play.

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