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Petrino expects Cards to bounce back quickly

Louisville Head Coach Bobby Petrino said Monday that he expected his team to bounce back quickly following the Cards loss to Memphis last Saturday in PJCS and they'll have to do it without running back Eric Shelton. <p> <B>BONUS COVERAGE</B><br> <li><a href=""><b>ITV Video: Louisville v. Memphis</b></a>

Following Louisville's disappointing defeat to Memphis last Saturday, U of L head coach Bob Petrino gave a simple explanation of what transpired on the field against the Tigers.

"They were a very fine football team came in and played better offensively and defensively," Petrino said. "They were better than us and beat us."

Petrino, who said his team had played well in each game this season except for the one against Memphis, indicated that his team played out of character against the rival Tigers.

"That was not us out there on the field as far as the way we'v been playing," Petrino said. "We did things that we hadn't done all year. I'm not sure exactly why that happened but it did. We forgot about technique, focus and the energy you need to do it."

Louisville will take on an improved Houston team this Saturday and the coach expects his team to bounce back quickly and prove that they're still a good football team.

"But I would anticipate our players to come back and play very well this weekend," Petrino said. "We actually went out Sunday night and practiced and did a lot more than we normally would. So we're looking forward to getting back on the field again and prove to everyone that we are a good football team."

But the Cards will have to bounce back minus standout Eric Shelton once again.

"I would anticipate that he won't be back until our bowl game," Petrino said. "All the tests came out very good but because of the episode on the field that they need to have a period of time where he has no contact and they go back and redo the tests jsut so the muscles settle down and if the tests show the same, then he's good to go. He was out there last night wanting to play. It's hard on him not to be able to be out there."

Asked if his team had a let down following the heartbreaking loss to TCU that effectively took them out of the conference title mix, Petrino admitted he no psycologist.

"I don't know if that's it," Petrino said.

Louisville takes on the Houston Cougars this Saturday and will say goodbye to sixteen seniors.

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