If We Want to Be "Big-Time", Show it Saturday

As the University of Louisville prepares to enter the BIG EAST and move it's football program to a higher level, it is time for Cardinal fans to follow the school's lead.

Here we go again.

Less than a year removed from nothing short of a total embarrassment on national TV with the announcement of our former coach going to Michigan State, another 'big-time' college football program appears to be suiting our Cardinals coach.

This time, the connection cannot be denied. As Offensive Coordinator at Auburn, Bobby Petrino guided an offense with less talent a year ago to better numbers than this year's team. Now, it appears there is some interest in him being their next head coach. Far be it from us to speculate that ANY of this talk is true, but it cannot be ignored.

Rain or shine, hot or cold, win or lose. Fans need to do their part to make a program great.
What we as fans must understand is that for Louisville football to reach the level we want it to, we have to be accountable for our side of the deal. No matter what anyone wants to think, U of L football fans have a well-known reputation for several things: traveling well to bowl games, tailgating, and not filling our stadium. There is nothing wrong with the first two, as they are great; however, the latter needs to be addressed if we want to hold onto a coach that will take us to the Promised Land.

This season we were actually on pace to set some impressive numbers for attendance, despite several uninspiring home games. However, despite what was the best opponent on the home schedule this season, the attendance against Memphis was abysmal. Tom Jurich himself stated his disappointment in the attendance at the Memphis game given the quality of the opponent, and said that we need to improve our attendance numbers and fill PJCS before any move will be made towards expanding it.

When John L. left, he made it quite clear that the lack-luster attendance of the fans was a major issue of his. Say what you will, but not filling the stadium like last weekend will keep the University of Louisville from obtaining a national championship. Rain or shine, hot or cold, win or lose; fans need to do their part to make a program great. No big time coach, nor an up and coming coach on everyone else's short list, will want to come to or stay in a place where they don't think there is a genuine, consistent interest on the part of the fans.

If you are a University of Louisville fan, and you have a desire to see this football team go as far as it can, you need to do your part and attend games when you can. Don't say tickets are too hard to get, because trust me, I know that is not true. In fact, here is what we are going to do at ITV: we have 36 tickets to giveaway to fans that want to be there. (Click here for details!)

We should aspire for this program to become one that tickets are hard to get our hands on, because that is the kind of program all coaches desire to lead. There are three key things any college football coach aspires for: to run a successful, well-supported program, to obtain financial reward for their work, and to win a national championship.

Tom Jurich has made it clear that he is going to do all he can to keep Petrino at Louisville with a generous salary, and the impending move to the Big East will put Louisville in a position to win a national championship. So why would Petrino consider going anywhere?

If you were in the stands last weekend, you know why. If you weren't in the stands last weekend, you need to be this week.

For all the dedicated, long-standing Cardinal football fans, hats off, your support is second to none. Now, we need to get the others on board so that on fall Saturdays, the first thing we all do is note game-time, and plan accordingly.

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