Ghent Selected To Play In Gridiron Classic
  • Billy Reed: UofL has lot to offer Petrino
  • Game Preview
    "> Ghent Selected To Play In Gridiron Classic
  • Billy Reed: UofL has lot to offer Petrino
  • Game Preview

    Ronnie Ghent looks back on his Cardinal career

    Tight end Ronnie Ghent will be one of 15 seniors playing their last home game in a Cardinal uniform on Saturday. <P> <B>EXTRA:</B><li><a href=""><B>Ghent Selected To Play In Gridiron Classic</b></a><br> <li><a href=""><B>Billy Reed: UofL has lot to offer Petrino</b></a><br><li><a href=""><B>Game Preview</b></a><br>

    Tight end Ronnie Ghent has had one of the most successful careers that a Cardinal football player has ever had. He is has been a 1st Team All-Conference USA selection three consecutive times and is vying to become the first player in league history to receive the honor four times.

    This season he is currently the Cardinals second leading receiver with 22 receptions. He has pulled in 108 passes for 1,174 yards and 14 touchdowns over his career in the Red and Black.

    Inside theVille caught up with Ronnie following a recent practice as the Cardinals prepared for the upcoming game against Houston, which will be his last home game.

    ITV: Well, how's it feel to be heading into your last home game as a Louisville Cardinal?

    Ghent: It snuck up on me quick. I didn't think it would come this quick, but we all have to go someday. I just hope everybody remembers me as a good person and a good player.

    ITV: You have been apart of some great success here, what are your fond memories of playing for Louisville?

    Ghent: I have a lot of great memories. I have good memories of my time with Coach Smith and I'm creating good memories with Coach Petrino. I have enjoyed getting to know the different players that I have played with like Dave Ragone, Deion Branch, Dewayne White, Michael Josiah, Rashad Holman and making friendships with a whole lot of different people. Hopefully I'll be able to stay in contact with everybody when I move on.

    ITV: Do you have NFL aspirations?

    Ghent: Through all my hard work and dedication I have almost accomplished all my college goals and that's my next goal in life. Maybe I'll get to play again with some of those guys.

    ITV: After the injury last season, how has it felt to come back and play as strong as you have this season?

    Ghent: Last year was very difficult. Not only having a season that didn't go like we expected, but I think that going through that and all the rehab taught me a lot of things. It taught me about growing up and what hard work and dedication means. I'm not going to say that I'm glad it happened, but I wouldn't take it back.

    ITV: So you feel as if it has helped you to prepare for other things in life outside of football?

    Ghent: Yes it has. Before my injury I wasn't really big on school, but that gave me my wake up call. You never know what could happen in life, so you have to take things one day at a time and not take anything for granted.

    ITV: As a senior, especially with just two games left, what do you do personally to help motivate the other players?

    Ghent: I'm not a real big talker, but I lead by example. I feel that if I go out on the field and make plays that it'll be contagious and be picked up by the others. If I have to say a few things I will, but when it comes down to the heat of the moment, you just have to stay positive. I just try to make the plays and then everything else will take care of itself.

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