Coach Petrino talks about Cincinnati, Big East

Coach Bobby Petrino visited with members of the media on Monday afternoon and talked about the upcoming game against Cincinnati, joining the BIG EAST Conference and more.

On Cincinnati

They look good on video. Defensively, their linebackers are very good. Their defensive front is real active. They have two defensive ends that are kind of light, but they're really active and real fast. We'll have to do a good job of covering up the linebackers. We're going to have to do a good job of blocking their defensive ends in the passing game.

Offensively, they have had their struggles at times. Sometimes they look really good, but they've just been inconsistant. We're going to have to make sure that we shut them down, because I think it'll be a lot more difficult for our offense than it was [against Houston].

On Bearcat quarterback Gino Guidugli

He's always impressed me. The only thing that he's had some trouble with is consistancy. There are times when I've seen him where he's been real hot, completing all the passes and running the ball well. We really have to put the pressure on need to hit him, that will be the key.

On finishing the 2003 season strong

A week ago we said we wanted to finish what we started, with two good wins. I want to see our seniors play two more games and end up with nine wins. I think if we can end up with nine wins that it will be great for them.

On the Cincinnati rivalry

They'll definately be ready to go. I think they'll be fired up. It's up to us to take the field and show that same emotion and same focus that we had [against Houston]. We just have to do a good job of getting ready for the game.

On playing on national television

Anytime you play on national television the players get excited about it. They play with a lot of energy and a lot of effort.

On joining the BIG EAST Conference

I think [this season] is a good beginning to have a chance to win the [Conference USA] Championship next year and then move into the BIG EAST.

I don't know that we are not [joining in 2004]. If they are going to do that, they're going to have to do it pretty quick, because the schedules are out. I would be surprised if we were. If that change came about, that would be great for us, but that would be something new to me if it happens. I couldn't tell you if it was a longshot or not. My assumption right now is that we're playing in Conference USA in 2004 and then going in [the BIG EAST] in 2005.

On being the Cardinals Head Coach when U of L moves into the BIG EAST

Well I definately am...I hope so. Unless we don't win enough games next year and they get rid of me.

On the possibility of playing in the Hawaii Bowl

I think we'll just wait and get [the Cincinnati game] over with and then find out where we are going. You may know something before the weeks out though.

We talked to [the players] last week that we needed to win [the Houston] game to ensure that we would go to a bowl. This week we are going up to Cincinnati and hopefully bring a Keg of Nails back.

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