Cards headed to GMAC Bowl"> Cards headed to GMAC Bowl">

Shelton to return for GMAC

Louisville fans will be glad to know that running back Eric Shelton is expected to return for the GMAC Bowl in Mobile on Dec. 18. <P> <B>EXTRA:</B> <a href=""><B>Cards headed to GMAC Bowl</b></a>

Tom Jurich addressed the media Monday night about Louisville's acceptance of the GMAC Bowl's invitation.

TCU decision to decline the GMAC Bowls bid played a major part in U of L's ending up in Mobile for the second staraight season.

"They have their reason's," Jurich explained of TCU's motives to turn down the GMAC's invitation. "And we're glad they did because it gives us a tremendous opportunity.

Jurich said the bowl will essentially be a break even proposition but called it a "great investment and quite an accomplishment." Jurich was alluding to the fact that the Cards had only been to 5 bowls in the history of the program until this recent string of six straight post-season appearances which begun in 1998.

Louisville lost to Marshall last year in the GMAC, and Cardinal fans learned during the game from ESPN telecasters that John L. Smith had already decided to take the Michigan State job.

"We're going in with a lot of momentum this time," Jurich said.

Head Coach Bobby Petrino said the players are excited about the bowl and the first year coach anticipates an exciting and high scoring affair.

"It won't be a low scoring game," Petrino said.

According to Petrino, the Cards will meet tomorrow and will run and do some throwing to maintain their timing the rest of this week. U of L assistant coaches are on the road recruiting this week and won't return to town until Friday evening.

Next week, Louisville will begin game preparations for Miami (OH) before heading to Mobile for the bowl game on December 18.

One player who Louisville fans should be excited to see return in Mobile is running back Eric Shelton. Petrino said the U of L medical team has cleared the sophomore running to return to action.

"All indications are that he will play," Petrino said.

Petrino said that during bowl week in Mobile, he and his staff will conduct in-home visits during the afternoon and evenings after practice with several of the teams top prospects in the area.

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