Florida fullback has Cards atop his list

Having just received an offer from Louisville on Monday night, a top Florida fullback has the Cardinals perched on top of his list of favorites.

Now that the fullback position has become a more frequent presence in the Bobby Petrino Louisville offense, the U of L coaching staff is in search of an athlete that can help increase the production from that position.

One such athlete is Jacksonville Trinity Christian's Drew Steinmetz. At 6'2, 235-pounds, with 4.6 speed, Steinmetz has both the size and speed needed to become an effective fullback.

Trinity Christian is a run oriented offense, which provides Steinmetz plenty of opportunities. His team is currently in the state semifinals with a 12-0 record and he has split the carries with runningback Lamar Lewis. During the last playoff game, he eclipsed the 1,000 yard mark and is currently averaging an impressive 7.7 yards per carry.

In addition to Louisville, he also lists Auburn, Florida and Iowa as his leaders.

"Those are my favorites right now," explained Steinmetz, who was a Class 2A All-State selection as a junior. "Louisville leads because of the simple fact that were the first to offer me a scholarship."

His current plans are to take his official visits prior to making a commitment. While both Auburn and Florida have discussed having him visit following his teams play in the state playoffs, he has scheduled a trip to Louisville for the weekend of January 9th.

Steinmetz also explained that he is being recruited by Louisville offensive coordinator Paul Petrino and that he is scheduled to stop by his school on Wednesday to visit with his parents.

"They've also told me that they are needing a fullback really bad," said Steinmetz of the Cardinals. "They said that I have the potential to start as a freshman, or atleast will be able to play quite a bit."

While that might be enticing to most prospects, it's actually U of L's medical school that Steinmetz, who currently maintains a 4.2 GPA, finds more attractive.

"They have a very good medical school, which is very appealing to me," explained Steinmetz, who plans on studying pharmacology. "I won't consider going somewhere that doesn't have a medical school."

The Cardinals move into the BIG EAST Conference, as well as the future games against the Miami Hurricanes, also stood out as positives.

"I'm glad to see that they are getting out of Conference USA," he explained. "The quality of play in the BIG EAST is tremendous. Also, they told that they would be playing Miami and that's big time stuff."

When asked how important the possibility of early playing time would be when making his decision, Steinmetz explained that it wouldn't really be a factor.

"I don't want to go somewhere and be selfish and say that I have to play. I want to know that I am able to compete first and that the coaches are comfortable with me being in there. I'm not used to being in the spotlight, so playing second fiddle would be no problem with me. I'd be willing to learn and play on the scout team if I needed to."

With the fullback position expected to see an increased role next season, Steinmetz could very well find that the coaches are confident in his abilities to contribute as a freshman.

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