• Garcia's brother killed last night">
  • Garcia's brother killed last night">

    Georgia DE sets Two Official Visits

    Harrison (Kennesaw, GA) DE <b>James Case</b>, categorizes himself as a certifiable "nut" on the football field. His passion and emotion for the game he loves, rivals anybody else's throughout the country.<p> <li><a href="http://louisville.theinsiders.com/2/211281.html"><B>Garcia's brother killed last night</b></a>

    "My feeling is that I have 4 or 5 years to give it all I can and make a run at the pros. I need a coach that will just let me play football. I get emotional out there. I'll cry, I'll scream...whatever," James Case said.

    Although he's slated to play Defensive End at the next level, Case would like a shot at a different position.

    "I have the mentality of a linebacker. We may be friends off the field, but it's you against me when were out there. Ask anybody, I'm the wildest man in Cobb County!"

    Who are among James favorite schools?

    "I have to say everybody man. I had a coach call me from a school and he said, "Your not listing us on TheInsiders.com, what's up with that?" So for right now, I'm just going to say everybody so nobody else gets mad," Case joked.

    Where is he visiting?

    "I'm going to Miami of Ohio on January 9th. I have one to Louisville for January 23rd. I'm trying to set up visits with Marshall and Kentucky also. All of those schools have offered me."

    What is he looking for most of all in his decision?

    "Playing early is #1. I'll fight my hardest not to get redshirted, because that's just how I am. I'm not the type of guy to sit on the sidelines. If someone would give me a shot at linebacker, that would be really big."

    Case was just recently named to the all-County squad.

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