It's Game Time...if you survived the parade

ITV contributor Troy Turbeville arrived in Mobile for GMAC Bowl just in time to test his survival skills at the Mardi Gras style parade.

GMAC Bowl parade (ITV)
Through the streets of downtown Mobile they meandered, floats of bowl sponsors, school bands, horses, a lot of typical parade stuff. But there was something that wasn't typical of most parades, as this was a Mardi Gras parade, and with that comes projectiles. INCOMING!!!! Beads, beads, and more beads, just when you said, "Alright, I've got enough beads", there come more, and you put them on. But then it got serious, as an 18" stuffed bear came flying out of the darkness. Didn't expect such big-money items, so I had my game face on now.

INCOMING... handfuls of double-bubble. INCOMING... full box of Moon-pies. INCOMING... full set of beads, still in the bag. INCOMING... a can of Red Bull??? INCOMING... cups, and more cups. INCOMING… A pair of thong underwear (but they weren't my size, and I'm not sure if they were used or not, so I didn't hold on to those long).

Several Hummers were a part of the parade, so the hope was there that just maybe a set of keys might be thrown my way; but it wasn't to be, and the best I could manage was a little stuffed dog that looked a lot like my own.

Following the parade, it was off to the well-known Fan Appreciation Party hosted by Tom Jurich, where the wine flows like beer. One thing is for sure; our Athletic Director certainly treated the fans that came down to a super time. All expenses paid- food, drinks, band, and a good way to spend time with a bunch of other Louisville fans. The festivities concluded with a nice fireworks show.

Having survived the night without any vision loss, it's now time to focus on the game ahead and see if the Cards can shake what has become a less then stellar bowl-game record over the past five years. They are still two touchdown underdogs, and are getting little attention from experts and media in regards to the game, with much of the hype being on Roethlisberger and Miami's 12-game winning streak.

I keep hearing that Miami's D will win this game. But I keep asking myself, "Has Miami's D faced Louisville O yet?" We'll see.

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