Bluegrass DT to visit Louisville"> Bluegrass DT to visit Louisville">

3 visits set for Lindsey twins

Twins Dustin and Jordin Lindsey are set with three official visits. Dustin spoke with ITV on Sunday evening regarding their interest in Louisville.<P> <B>EXTRA:</b> <a href=""><B>Bluegrass DT to visit Louisville</b></a>

One of the many benefits of Louisville's appearance in the GMAC Bowl last month was that Dustin and Jordin Lindsey were able to take in some of the action at the Cardinals practice.

Dustin (6'4, 215) and Jordin (6'4, 220) currently list the Cardinals among their favorites and will be making their first official visit this weekend to the River City.

"We're visiting Louisville, Mississippi State and Auburn," said Dustin. "I want to see how the coaches treat us, what the enviroment is like and see if we'll fit in."

Dustin says that they currently don't have a favorite.

"We're still confused about it all. The visits will decide it for us."

Another question that remains is, what position they would play on the college level. Many are now projecting that both Dustin and Justin would suit up as defensive ends after spending time bulking up their freshman season.

They were both named 1st Team All-State by the Alabama Sportswriters and he two of them were named Co-Defensive Players of the Year on Sunday by the Mobile Register.

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