ITV Video: Telfair & Farley highlights
  • Telfair, Farley provide fans 'glimpse of future'"> ITV Video: Telfair & Farley highlights
  • Telfair, Farley provide fans 'glimpse of future'">

    Telfair, U of L fans share NCAA Title dreams

    Sebastian Telfair came to town and Louisville fans got to know their future star point guard much better. And we also found out Telfair and Louisville fans have one goal in common: Winning the NCAA Title.<P><B>COMPLETE COVERAGE:</b><br><li><a href=""><b>ITV Video: Telfair & Farley highlights</b></a><br><li><a href=""><b>Telfair, Farley provide fans 'glimpse of future'</b></a>

    It's all over now except for the shouting and the endless discussion on the Inside The Ville message boards about this weekend's visit by Sebastian Telfair.

    We didn't really find anything out that we didn't already know. But we did reaffirm that Telfair is savvy beyond his years and has a genuine interest and affection for people.

    Telfair giving an autograph
    He's got that winning smile and always seems willing to take time out for a quick photo with a fan or to sign an autograph or a couple hundred.

    And there's no mistaking his talent. He poured 27 points in against one of the best teams in Kentucky on a gimpy ankle on a poor shooting night.

    We did, however, get to know Telfair a little better up close and personal.

    Here's a sampling of Telfair's thoughts on a host of topics, including his shared dream with Louisville fans to bring back the NCAA Title to "The Ville."

    Telfair on the love he felt from the Louisville fans.
    "Definitely," Telfair said. "The crowd was definitlely here and they showed a lot of love and I appreciate it."

    Telfair on playing in front of a sell out crowd in Louisville.
    "I was excited to see the crowd and the people when we came out of the locker room to play," Telfair said. "And it gave me a feel of what it's going to be like next year when I get to Louisville."

    Telfair on his expectations of the game.
    "I knew Louisville has a lot of basketball fans from when I was being recruited," Telfair said. "So I expected it but I didn't expect this many people to come and watch the game. It looked like a sell out."

    Telfair on his shared dream with Louisville fans of winning the NCAA Championship.
    "It was national championship, everyone wants to win a national championship," Telfair said. "And that's something we have in common is that I'm a winner and that's what I want to do and that's why I'm coming to Louisville."

    Telfair on whether he felt any pressure.
    "I don't feel any pressure," Telfair said. "Louisville fans took a lot of interest in me so I felt comfortable coming out and playing. I enjoyed myself out here with the fans."

    Telfair on Terrance Farley
    "Terrance had a great game," Telfair said. "He's a presence inside. When you're going to the basket, you're thinking, 'Where is Terrance?' he likes to block a lot of shots."

    "I definitely look forward to playing with him," Telfair said of Farley. "I know when a guy gets by me Terrance is going to be there to block the shot. And I think he and I could do a lot of good things together."

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