Rondo to Kentucky?

Rumors are swirling about Rajon Rondo and possible commit to Kentucky. But how well would Rondo fit in in Lexington with Patrick Sparks and Ramel Bradley already in the fold at the point?

Rajon Rondo continues his outstanding play, and yesterday at the North Carolina Classic, the 6'2 native of Louisville scored 22 points against Greensboro Dudley (which features William Graves and Kevin Swinton).

Now, sources indicate that Rondo came close to pulling the trigger for Kentucky last week and could do so at anytime.

Apparently, Rondo feels a bit slighted by his hometown school despite the fact that the Cardinals put an offer on the table early last summer for his taking. With an offer from Louisville in hand, Rondo decided to wait and the Cards signed Sebastian Telfair and that chapter is history.

But now, with Telfair's status up in the air as NBA rumors intensify, Louisville's recent interest in Rondo has increased as well. And so has Kentucky's, who entered the picture about two weeks ago.

So if Rondo chooses Kentucky, how would he fit with both Patrick Sparks and Ramel Bradley already in line at the point.

Maybe Tubby Smith could move Sparks to shooting guard, while Rondo would share time with Bradley at the point. Or vice versa. But either way, it appears Rondo would share time and compete for minutes either way the next couple of seasons in Lexington. And that doesn't even factor in Brandon Stockton.

And why decide now if you're Rondo, just when he's exploding nationally onto the scene? Why not wait, see what happens around the nation and in his hometown over the next couple of months and then take the best option available?

Surely, an offer from Kentucky, who's never actively recruited him until recently, would be there later. And you know, based on his play this season at Oak Hill, that the offers will be rolling in this spring.

And then there's Louisville. If you're Rondo, wouldn't you want the chance to run a team with players like Taquan Dean, Francisco Garcia, Donta Smith, Larry O'Bannon, and Nate Daniels to throw the ball to? Wouldn't you want the chance to walk into a situation as a freshman and be a key contributor on a team with a legitamate opportunity to cut the nets down in March?

Maybe Rondo just wants to get his recruitment over but a little patience at this point might open a whole other world of possibilities later this spring.

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