From the Halls of Trinity

Trinity High School senior Patrick Crush takes us inside the halls of his school on Brian Brohm's big day.

Upon first glance walking into the hallways at Trinity High School on Tuesday, one would think that it was just another day at the Saint Matthews school. But today was no ordinary day; it was the day that the state's Mr. Football, Brian Brohm, was going to announce his college of choice. Though classes were still taught, lessons were still learned, and lunch was served as usual, the atmosphere surrounding the school and throughout the day was certainly a special one.

"He's going to Tennessee," one person would say in between class periods.

"No way, it's definitely Notre Dame," another one would shout back.

Rumor continued throughout the entire school day, as a local news camera trying to capture everything that went on followed the star quarterback around the school. Much speculation went on, including many people bringing up the David Wolke commitment to Notre Dame that occurred on Monday afternoon, all but ending the Irish's pursuit of Brohm. It seemed that no matter who you talked to, football fan or not, everyone had an opinion on where they thought "he" might go.

All speculation was ended at a little after 3:00 PM in the school's Convocation Hall, moved from the original location in the rotunda just today to accompany all those interested in seeing it live. There, Brohm, with his friends, family, coaches, and teachers hanging on his every word, announced his decision. With the backdrop of three Kentucky State Championship trophies, an enlarged Sport Illustrated cover with his picture adorned, and other Trinity memorabilia, Brohm calmly took the stand and said that he was signing with the University of Louisville.

The crowd of over 200 people showed their support and gave him a long ovation. At Louisville, he is not only following the footsteps of his father Oscar, but also his two older brothers Greg and Jeff, who both were standout players that wore the red and black. At UofL, he will also join the long list of outstanding quarterbacks, a list that includes his brother, Chris Redman, and Dave Ragone.

As shown by the expression on his face, Brohm was confident and knew that he had the support of his family. Last Thursday, they all had a meeting and weighed their final decisions. Brian eventually said that he was, "excited about choosing a school that everyone in his family would agree on."

So now Brohm can breathe a sigh of relief as one of the most thought out decisions of his life comes to a resolution. However, there is no ceiling for this young man. Brian said that it was here in the ‘Ville where he sees himself having the best chance to win a national championship. He will not only help add to the storied tradition that is Cardinal football, but also help bring the program into national prominence.

The only thing we can do now is wait. Summer workouts are a few months away, and there should be a hot competition for the starting spot in 2004 with last year's high school All-American Michael Bush and returning starter Stefan LeFors. It's January here, and while normally most fans would have all focus on the stretch run of basketball season for Rick Pitino's Cards, there is no doubt that all fans of Bobby Petrino's Cards can feel inspired about the future of football in the Derby City with this monumental announcement.

All in all, everybody is waiting for him to come, but Brian seems to be taking everything in a business-like way. We all hope he enjoys the remainder of his senior year, as we'll all be here when the time comes. After the crowd had died down, Brohm headed out of the room and was ready to get back to the game of basketball, as he will be in the lineup tonight for the Shamrocks against St. Henry.

Yeah, I guess first glances can be tricky. Tuesday was just another great day at Trinity.

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