Pitino: "I'm going to coach a long time"

"I'm real excited and thankful nothing is seriously wrong."

University of Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino got the answers and most important the relief that came with those anwsers from his recent trip to the Cleveland Clinic.

Pitino, who spent 36 hours undergoing examinations to determine the cause of his abdominal pain, said Friday he was relieved by the results and glad to back coaching his team. Though Pitino chose not disclose the specific finding of the tests citing personal privacy.

"I'm real excited and thankful that nothing is seriously wrong," Pitino said.

So what was causing his pain?

"There are a few minor problems causing the pain," Pitino explained. "But this will not take away from me coaching Louisville another eight or ten years."

"Everything is resolved now," Pitino continued. "I got a clean bill of health. I'm going to coach for a long time. Even though I was gone for only a short period of time, I missed it. I always said I don't know why coaches continue to coach at certain ages? Why don't they just hang it up? They've had such unbelievable careers, just hang it up. But in the last two days, I missed it so much and missed the team. Now I know why those guys always go back and keep coaching."

As for tomorrow's game against Marquette, Pitino said he expected one of his two stars back for the action.

"I'm very concerned about this game," Pitino said. "I don't think Taquan will play but I do think Francisco will play."

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