Michael Bush..."he's that good!"

Michael Bush appears to be ready to become one of the nation's premiere tailbacks.

During the recruiting period and as speculation grew regarding Michael Bush's position on the team, U of L head coach Bobby Petrino and assistant head coach Greg Nord met with Michael and his father Michael, Sr. During the meeting, Petrino showed video clips of Michael during his freshman year as a Cardinal and pointed out how effective he was at running the ball.

"I did have some time to spend with Michael Bush and his father and told him my beliefs," Petrino explained. "I told him that I believe that he'll be one of the best tailbacks to ever play college football…he's that good."

As a freshman, Michael spent the majority of his time on the practice fields working with the quarterbacks, but was still able to roll up some impressive numbers.

He finished the 2003 season third on the team with 503 rushing yards and six touchdowns. More impressive was his 6.2 yards per carry average.

Petrino and staff aren't the only one's that took notice of Michael's abilities.

"I have a lot of contacts in the NFL and I was able to see what their thoughts were and during the year and as we were out on the practice fields and the scouts would come through, they would always want to talk about who #19 was and all the special things that he can do," continued Petrino.

It's not often that any football program has an athlete as talented as Michael Bush and the thoughts of his possible future accomplishments at the University of Louisville are mind blowing and will be a joy to watch.

"I think he's a tremendous athlete...he might be the best athlete that I have ever been around," said Petrino, who has coached on both the college and NFL level.

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