Pitino press conference quotes

Quotes from Rick Pitino's friday press conference as the Cardinals prepare to face league leading UAB on Saturday.

Selected quotes from Rick Pitino's pregame press conference on Friday afternoon.

On Francisco Garcia:
"I think he'll play, but how much he'll play I don't know," explained Pitino on Friday. "He practiced a portion of yesterday and he'll go a little bit more today. He's looking better than the last time he came back. I would say he'll definately play, but how much remains to be seen."

On facing UAB tomorrow:
"We're playing a team that is in first place, so obviously this is the biggest game of the season in terms of ramifications of what it means for league play. They are in first place by themselves, so if we're able to beat them it would be a five way tie for first place."

On the style of play against Memphis:
"We're not going to play that way...that was an isolated situation. We couldn't win the game playing our style against Memphis. In fact, we probably would have got blown out of the building. We were just trying to win and we made the adjustments and the players did a remarkable job of adjusting, but now we'll go back to the way we play."

On UAB's defense:
"They trap and reach for the ball better than anyone in the country. They have great quickness. We know what's coming. It can't be just in Brandon's hands, it's got to be everybody understanding and good spacing is essential. They are a very good basketball team. When they went into Charlotte, they really took Charlotte out of their game and Charlotte, I think, was 1 for 18 from the three-point line against them.

On Taquan Dean:
"We're hoping that Taquan can possibly play as well...some minutes. Taquan is a little bit different than Francisco is. Right now he is pain free and he practiced a little bit yesterday. Taquan will be pretty much be in a reserve role, if he does play at all. He's not going to start and neither is Francisco."

On the Conference USA race:
"It's a heck of a race right now. I don't think anyone is going to be able to pick it. I think UAB is in the best shape right now in terms of who they have to play twice. If we are going to stay in the hunt, we certainly need to win."

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