Palacios Talks Favorites

<b>Trenton, NJ</b> - We came to Trenton seeking the scoop on 6'8 Tello Palacios' recruitment and got it!

This is a fact. Tello Palacios does it all!

He's a six-foot-eight inch power forward with guard skills. His footwork is exquisite and he's got soft hands. And know this. He's a tremendous passer, too. He can stroke, too, and he's got three-point range.

He's got a great body and is extremely fluid in his motions. He can put it on floor and can bring the ball upcourt against pressure. The crossover is nice, too and he can handle with both hands.

If you haven't figured it out yet, we're talking about one of the elite players in the nation. In fact, you probably can't find ten better players in the class of 2004.

Saturday against talented Mount Zion (NC) Christian Academy he dropped in 24 points, and grabbed about 10 rebounds. He was clearly the best player on the floor.

Palacios at the Prime Time Shootout 
He said he likes Texas, Louisville, Florida State, Kentucky and Indiana. Those close to him say Georgia falls in right behind those five.

He'll make some visits this spring after his high school season ends and then make his decision. He's looking for major minutes next season in a program that can ready his move to the NBA.

"I'm looking for a coach that can prepare me for the next level," Palacios told us in the locker room following the game.

The situation at Florida State might be a little too crowded with underclass frontcourt players who already log major minutes and when you add Diego Romero, Leonard Hamilton's program might not be the best fit. At Texas, there's no available scholarships, though he's good friends with the Longhorns Edgar Moreno. Kentucky's already one scholarship over the limit. And Indiana is the newcomer to the list but the Hoosier coaches have been to a lot of Palacios' recent games, obviously anticipating Josh Smith's selection as a high NBA lottery pick.

Accepting the fact he wants to get to the NBA, does that give somebody like Pitino, who's coached in the league an edge?

"That's why I'm looking around and trying to get information and learn about the coach," Palacios explained. "But even though the coach could be pretty good, at the same time if the coach is going to play eleven players every game that's not going to give me an opportunity to go out there and get things done."

As for Louisville, assistant Reggie Theus was front and center Saturday to see him play and you know Rick Pitino would love to have this guy next season.

"He coached in the NBA, so he could probably help me a lot to develop," Palacios said of Pitino, but didn't seem to indicate that gave Louisville an edge over the others.

Palacios said he probably wouldn't visit all five schools on his final list but indicated that the order of his visits would probably indicate his preference when the time came.

While there's a lot of mystery and uncertainty about which program has the upper hand in his recruitment, one thing is certain. Whoever lands him will have one of the best players in the country on their roster next year.

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