Has Telfair hit the lottery?

<b>Trenton, NJ</b> - With his recent string of outstanding performances on big time high school stages, has Sebastian Telfair hit the lottery? We've got the inside scoop for you.

Sebastian Telfair's NBA stock, if it hadn't already, has officially exploded.

The kid's blown up during the past month or so and the word behind the scenes is that's he's played his way into a lottery selection in this June's NBA Draft.

Earlier this season, Telfair performed extremely well at the Pangos Dream Classic in Los Angeles, California, scoring 37 points and wowing the NBA general managers and scouts in attendance.

Lately, though, he's simply been tearing it up in New York City, and broke Kenny Anderson's all-time Empire state scoring record last week.

But Saturday night at the Prime Time Shootout against probable No. 1 draft pick Dwight Howard, Telfair was simply electrifying. He dazzled fans, scoring 30 points and knocked down a deep baseline triple at the buzzer with two guys draped on him to beat Howard's team by three. Perhaps more amazing than his play or the shot, though, was the fact that it was the first buzzer beater of his career. Ever.

At this point, there's no question he's one of the elite handful of players in the class and might be the top point guard, depending on your flavor. Though still not one hundred percent healthy, there's simply no one at any level quicker than Telfair. His hesitation moves and jaunts past defenders are a thing of beauty. Knowledgeable basketball people say he's quicker than former Piston's great Isiah Thomas, too.

Perhaps the best quip about Telfair was offered by a division one assitant who compared Telfair's quickness to that of a fast-forwarding video tape. One second, he's in normal speed, the next, he's in warp speed.

There were a lot of really talented point guards on display at the Prime Time Shootout this weekend, including Rajon Rondo and Kyle Lowery. But know this, as good as both of those guys are, there's simply no comparison between Telfair and the other two. The kid from Coney Island is in a league of his own.

As for the word on Telfair's stock, quite simply, he's apparently hit the lottery. The word on the street is that Howard, Emeka Okafor, and Josh Smith are the probable top three picks in the draft. Most think 6'7 Shaun Livingston of Peoria (IL) Central will be the first point guard taken with Telfair right behind. It sounds like he could go anywhere from No. 8 - to No. 15. The Clippers are said to really like him, and they're not the only one's.

Though Telfair didn't really want to talk about the decision he'll soon be faced with, he did give a strong indication about his decision when asked by TheInsidersHoops.com's Jeff Goodman after the game Saturday night.

Goodman put the question to Telfair, who was eyed by several NBA types in attendance, including the Celtics Danny Ainge and the Bobcats Bernie Bickerstaff about the NBA option.

After a slight hesitation, Telfair responded, "This was the time to step up."

Though he beat around the bush with his answer, the meaning was readily apparent. Ready or not, Telfair looks like he's hit the lottery.

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