Lorenzo Wade has qualifying test score

Hargrave head coach Kevin Keats updates the status of University of Louisville signee Lorenzo Wade.

Certainly the academic status of Lorenzo Wade has been a hot topic of debate on the message boards of InsideTheVille.com during the past couple months.

However, any doubts about whether or not the 6'5 shooting guard from Las Vegas, Nevada by way of Hargrave Military Academy would qualify academically seem to have been answered.

According to Hargrave head coach Kevin Keats, a former Marshall University assistant, Wade has received a qualifying test score and need only graduate from the Virginia-based military academy this spring to become academically eligible to play at the University of Louisville next season.

"He's doing great academically," Keats said. "He's already got a qualifying test score and just has to graduate this spring."

Sharing time and touches with six other division one signees this season, Wade is averaging 17 points, 6 rebounds, and 4.5 assists per game.

Hargrave has three games remaining this season and is currently 22-1.

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