OL Jeremy Darveau happy as a Cardinal

6-foot-7 junior college transfer Jeremy Darveau is focused on learning U of L's complex offense this spring and hopes to make an impact on the field next fall.

Offensive tackle Jeremy Darveau knows all to well the heated rivalry that exists between Kentucky and Louisville.

Darveau, who began his collegiate career in Lexington, now suits up in Cardinal red and white. But make no mistake, the 6-foot-7, 320-pound lineman knows where his bread is currently buttered.

"I'm red all the way," Darveau said laughing. "I'm a Cardinal now through and through."

Having spent last season at Dodge City (KS) C.C., where he was ranked as the 13th best offensive lineman by collegefootball news.com, Darveau is excited about his return to major college football this spring.

"It's great to be out here," Darveau said. "I did my time out at the JUCO and I'm ready to come back into division one and play again."

"It's definitely a big transition going from a big SEC school to a JUCO and then back up to a big school like this," Darveau continued. "It takes some getting used to but I love it and I'm just glad to be out here playing football."

A native of Hilton Head, South Carolina, Darveau is currently running second string behind returning starting tackle Travis Leffew. At present, he's simply focused on learning the complexities of Coach Bobby Petrino's multiple offense.

"I'm still learning right now but I've only been here since the beginning of the semester," Darveau explained. "It's a little complex but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. Coach Summers [offensive line] is a great coach and he's great at explaining it to us. And the other linemen are really helping me out too."

And his biggest challenge during spring drills?

"Just picking up this offense and learning the plays and getting back into the swing of things," Darveau said. "But if I can do that I think I'll be ready to go."

With a 300-pound bench press and a squat of over 400-pounds, Darveau explained that offseason conditioning in the past hadn't quite prepared him for the rigerous U of L conditioning program, which focuses on adding additional strength and speed to every player.

"This [conditioning] has been a little different from my situation [in the past] because there have been offseason's where I've had to sit at home from transitioning from school to school," Darveau explained. "But they definitely condition here more than anywhere else that I've been and they really try to get us in great shape. And I think they've done a really good job of it."

As for the competition for a starting position on the offensive line, Darveau says it would be great to earn but he's just as excited to be back on the field playing the game."

"Travis is a great tackle and I've definitely got a lot to learn from him before I even think about starting," Darveau said. "But one of my main goals, I've had some academic trouble in the past, is just to stay eligible and be able to get out there and play. I'd love to start but I just want to play."

Darveau, who is currently studying Sociology, said his academic pursuits are going well.

"Right now it's going great," Darveau said.

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