Joshua Tinch, next Mr. Everything

Last year it was Michael Bush that excited fans by seeing action at mulitple positions. Will Joshua Tinch do that same this fall?

Prior to spring practice there seem to be a lot of speculation from outside observers that senior Joshua Tinch may move from the wide receiver position, a spot that he has played since arrived at the University of Louisville. Speculation seemed to sparked from the addition of receivers such as Montrell Jones and Harry Douglas and that his size may allow to make a position change.

At 6-foot-3, 220-pounds, many thought that Tinch may make the transition to tight end during spring practice, however, when practice began in late March, he remained in the receiver spot and was the source of a number of highlight reel type catches.

He seemed to be in his best form of his Cardinal career, which includes 39 receptions for 930 yards and five touchdowns in 26 career games.

"Over this year I studied a lot of film and it just came real easy for me, because I know different coverages," Tinch explained. "Coach showed me a lot of things over this off season, so now it is comes easy."

He also credits his time spent working with returning First Team All-Conference USA quarterback Stefan LeFors.

"Stefan and I worked a lot together since I came back from basketball and our timing has been perfect all spring practice," said Tinch. "Things are clicking now, so you should see a lot of Stefan to Joshua Tinch this year."

Increased role for Tinch this fall? (ITV)
However, as spring practice began to creep closer to its end, Tinch was beginning to be used in different ways. No longer it seemed would Tinch be solely lined up as a wide receiver on game day and his performance during the spring game provided an up close look at his flexibility.

While he recorded 6 catches for 138-yards and two touchdowns, helping the Red Team to a 49-10 victory, he also helped provide blocking from the fullback and tight end positions.

"We are going to do a lot of disguises," Tinch said of his multiple formations. "You'll probably see me at fullback, you'll see me at tight end and you'll see me at wideout, just to show teams that it will hard to match up with us."

Having Tinch lining up at those spots, in addition to receiver, without question create mismatches for opposing defenses. More often than not, Tinch will find a linebacker attempting to cover him as he comes off the line or out of the backfield and that's a match up that Tinch will win more often than not.

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