Lorenzo Wade helps recruit Odia for Louisville

While Lorenzo Wade is excited about playing in front of his future fans this weekend, he's also pulling double-duty as a recruiter for the Cardinals this week.

Lorenzo Wade will fit perfectly with his future teammates at the University of Louisville.

Not only is he a tremendous talent on the court, but he also has the same intense desire to improve like so many of Coach Pitino's current players.

In town to play in this Saturday's Derek Anderson Derby Festival Basketball Classic, Wade is excited about the prospect of playing in front of the Louisville crowd for the first time and hopes to earn a little respect along the way.

"It's exciting to be here," Wade said. "I've been so pumped up about it for the past few weeks because it's the first opportunity for the people in this town to see me play. So in a way I can gain some respect from the people in town."

Wade, who averaged 17 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists this season for the top prep shool team [Hargrave] in the country, is looking forward to joining his future team later this summer.

"Coach Pitino likes to push the ball and I love that aspect of the game," Wade explained. "And I like his pressure defense he plays because you get a lot of easy fast break opportunities. I've dreamed of an opportunity like this all my life."

And while Wade's focus surely will be his play on the court, he also seems willing to help Louisville off the court this week in the recruitment of 6-foot-6 point guard Churchill Odia.

"Go Cardinals," Wade said of his White teammate Odia. "If you see him [Odia] on the streets, tell him to come to Louisville."

After leading Las Vegas Cheyenne High School to the 2003 state title, Wade thinks the year he spent at Hargrave has prepared him to contribute next season at U of L.

"I think it's prepared me a lot more physically and mentally for the game," Wade explained. "So it was a good road to travel."

Making his second trip to Louisville, the first coming last October after he had already verbally committed to the Cardinals, Wade explained that he chose Pitino's program for a simple reason.

"I never took a visit [to Louisville before committing]," Wade said. "Coach Pitino has been so good at putting players my size into the pros and that's my ultimate goal. And Coach Pitino is the guy that can get me there."

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