Palacios' press conference concludes

Tello Palacios discussed his decision to attend the University of Louisville at an afternoon press conference in New York, though he has not signed a binding national letter of intent. <p> <b>UPDATED</b> Photo from press conference added.

6-foot-8 Tello Palacios of Our Savior discussed his decision to attend the University of Louisville and play for Rick Pitino.

Palacios has not yet signed a binding national letter of intent with Louisville and Our Savior head coach Ron Stelzer was vague in his explanation of why that was the case. Stelzer declined to state definitely whether or not Palacios would sign the letter of intent by this month's deadline.

"We didn't have anything official like that today," Stelzer said. "Yesterday we called everyone to let them know he'd chosen Louisville and today was just an opportunity for members of the media to ask him questions about his decision."

"But you can assume that it's done," Stlezer said of Palacios' recruitment.

When asked if the NBA were a factor in Palacios' decision not to sign a letter of intent yet, Stelzer said, "Right now he's not thinkng along those lines."

Stelzer said Palacios is fully qualified academically and praised his standout forward for his leadership and citizenship during his three years at the Long Island school

"He's a role model," Stelzer said. "He's a perfect christian young man and people around the school really look up to him. He's never been any problem or an embarrasment to us. He's a great young man, very personable and a great student."

Palacios with Coach Ron Stelzer at press conference (Photo: Mike Sullivan)

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