Palacios coming to Louisville after graduation

<b>INSIDE THE VILLE EXCLUSIVE</b> Comments from Tello Palacios from his press conference about his decision to attend Louisville, his plans following graduation, his excitement about playing in Coach Pitino's system, and his mother's thoughts on his new opportunity.

The newest edition for Rick Pitino, 6-foot-8 Tello Palacios is looking forward to graduating from Our Savior New America school in a few weeks.

Following his high school graduation, Palacios, a native of Colombia, plans to spend some quality time in both his future home and in his native land.

"I plan on going to Louisville after graduation for a couple of weeks," Palacios said at his Wednesday afternoon press conference in which he publicly announced his intention to attend the University of Louisville. "Then I plan on going back to Colombia to visit with my family. And then I'll return to Louisville and focus on the season."

During Palacios' recruitment he voiced some concern to Inside The Ville about what position he'd play at Louisville, noting his desire to further develop his game facing the basket. However, at 240 pounds, Palacios now understands that Coach Pitino's system fits his style and will best prepare him for a possible NBA career.

"I am going to play the four," Palacios said. "At first I was a little worried about that. But I learned that coach Pitino plays a motion offense with four guys outside and one guy inside."

Palacios, who's mother Maria Cevera, still lives in Colombia, spoke with her recently about his decision and hopes that she can finally visit the United States to meet the family he's lived with for the last three years.

"My mother didn't have as much knowledge about this country. But I have told her about it," Palacios said. "I want my family to meet the family I stayed with over here and to show them how nice they are. She didn't care where I went. She said to me 'already you are far from home so keep in touch.'"

"We're working on (getting visas) for my family," Palacios continued. "She would like to come and visit and meet the family I have been with for three years. She wants to come here and thank the people who have helped me."

When Palacios first came to the states in 2002, his mother didn't know much about the sport he's become so proficient at. Now, though, according to Palacios, she's caught a bit of hoops fever.

"She didn't know much until I started playing over here," Palacios said. "Now she is telling me about players like Kevin Garnett."

While Pitino has a big reputation for developing players for the next level, Palacios explained that's not why he chose Louisville over Florida State and Baylor.

"Reputation wasn't important. I didn't base my decision on whether he [Coach Pitino] was well known," Palacios explained. "[I'm] going there for a chance to win a championship."

Palacios, who has played with an injured wrist on his shooting hand much of the spring, said the injury is getting better but still hampers him on the court.

"It's better," Palacios said of his injury. "But I still can't shoot well with it yet."

The talented forward, who didn't start playing basketball until age 14, is still coming to grips with the opportunities the game has afforded him.

"When I first came no one knew about me," Palacios said. "Going to college is not something many people in my country are able to do. My mom is really proud of me."

Quotes provided by Mike Sullivan who attended the press conference Wednesday afternoon.

Our thanks to Mike for a fantastic job proving this information and the photo from today's big event with Tello Palacios.

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