Pitino hoping to add transfer(s)

University of Louisville head coach said Friday he'd like to add one or two transfers to his team's roster this spring.

It's been a week full of ups and downs for Rick Pitino on the recruiting trail this week.

On Tuesday, point guard Sebastian Telfair officially announced he was by-passing a chance to play at U of L, opting instead for the NBA Draft. The following day, Pitino and staff received the good word that 6-foot-8 Tello Palacios had chosen the Cardinals over Baylor and Florida State.

Yesterday, the hits kept coming. Though news that Donta Smith had entered the NBA Draft came as both a surprise and a dissapointment to the Louisville coaches.

Now, as the spring signing concludes next week, Pitino says he hopes to add one or two more players, including possibly take a transfer or two.

"It's not over for us recruiting because it's a never ending process," Pitino said. "We still have a number of situations that we're still checking out. There are still transfers out there and that's something that we'd be very interested in."

Pitino didn't feel like making any kind of assessment as to the likelihood of adding any more players this year.

"I'm not quite sure I'm going to be optimistic or pessimistic on anything anymore about recruiting," Pitino said with a laugh. "Because recruiting is the world of shoe companies and high school kids thinking they're ready [for the NBA]."

How many possibilities might exist for the Cardinals at this point?

"One or two," Pitino said. "We have a lot of needs. What we're trying to do right now is to back up another terrific recruiting class next year, Which would give us seven, eight players as a nucleus going into the Big East."

Pitino, who has had tremendous success with several transfers in the past, including Derek Anderson, Travis Ford, and Mark Pope at Kentucky, says he'd love to add a transfer or two at Louisville.

"I love transfers," Pitino said. "And the reason I love them is because they all sit out that year and then do very well. They practice with you, they're learning the system, and they're working on strength and conditioning. And then they play."

"So I would love to get one or two transfers to ready to go into the Big East," Pitino continued. "If we can take a couple of transfers right now that would be awesome."

Obviously, 6-foot-10 Kansas transfer David Padgett is a prime target for Louisville at this juncture in the recruiting process, as well as one or two other west coast programs like Stanford and UCLA.

"The reason I'm mentioning transfers right now is because we're running out of live recruits," Pitino exlained. "But right now we're pursuing transfers and they're are some transfers that are interested in us."

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