Johnson receives good news

Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith provides the latest on University of Louisville signee Brian Johnson's knee surgery. <p> <b>UPDATED</b> 11:30 AM

Update Inside The Ville has learned that there is no damage to the ligaments in Brian Johnson's knee. Instead, there is some cartiledge damage that will be cleaned up and repaired.

Johnson is expected to rehab during the summer and be ready to suit up next fall for the University of Louisville - End Update.

6'9 University of Louisville signee Brian Johnson will undergo surgery today in Washington, D.C. to repair damage to his knee suffered late in the Warriors season.

Johnson, who tore knee ligaments last summer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, will have corrective laser surgery to repair a slight ligament tear, according to Oak Hill coach Steve Smith.

"My understanding is there will be no incision or anything like that today," Smith said. "The doctors believe it is a slight tear. So I don't think it's anything major in nature."

"The last I heard, the doctors were just going to go in and clean it up a little bit," Smith continued. "The doctors have indicated that the recovery time will be about four to six weeks."

Johnson will be released following his surgical procedure today and will return to the Oak Hill campus this Saturday, according to Smith. He'll then finish up school next week with graduation scheduled for next Saturday.

As for Johnson's injury, Smith said he's not seen much indication recently that the knee is causing any major problems on the court.

"He doesn't limp around on it," Smith explained. "He's been running in a straight line in the gym OK. Hopefully, he won't have knee problems throughout his college career."

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