Mother prefers McKinney stay close to home

Recently decommitted from the University of Michigan, standout Central High School DL/TE James McKinney says his mother prefers he stays close to home for college.

Amazing TE/DE James McKinney (6-4, 280, 4.9) from Louisville, Ky, received offers this week from Oregon and Nebraska, upping his total to 26.

McKinney, from Central High School, recently decommitted from Michigan.

"My mom wants me to explore all of my options," McKinney explained. "She prefers that I stay close to home at someplace like Louisville or Kentucky."

The Wolverines still lead slightly, but their edge isn't very substantial.

"I like Michigan because I've already been there," says McKinney. "It's a slight lead, because I haven't been to any of the other schools; I haven't seen them yet."

The pack of schools bunched behind Michigan are Notre Dame, USC, Clemson, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Florida, Louisville, and Kentucky.

Michigan, Ohio State, and Louisville are recruiting McKinney as a TE, but he envisions himself on the defensive side of the ball.

"I'm more D-line than tight end," McKinney said. "I'd probably like to play defense because that's what makes more money in the NFL."

"I think I'm a good fit for the defensive schemes at Oklahoma, Clemson, Florida, and Louisville," McKinney continued. "I could play DT at USC, too. But if the school I end up choosing wants me to play TE, that'll be okay."

Florida, Clemson, Oklahoma St, Nebraska, Michigan, and Notre Dame are recruiting McKinney the hardest.

"I always liked Virginia Tech and Florida St growing up, but they haven't shown any interest, no letters or anything."

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