Nolan Smith following in father's footsteps

<b>CHAPEL HILL, NC</b> 6-foot-2 Nolan Smith, the son of former University of Louisville great Derek Smith, is quickly making his own mark on the hardwood.

There haven't been many father and son duo's who've both had the opportunity to play for the University of Louisville on the hardwood.

Ron and Craig Hawley immediately come to mind. So too do Eddie and Luke Whitehead. After that, you really have to rack your brain for another example.

The Hawley's and whitehead's might have company, however, in just a few short years.

You see, 6-foot-2 guard Nolan Smith of St. John's Prep in Washington, D.C., the son of former U of L great Derek Smith, is quickly making his own mark on the hardwood and says he'd like nothing better than to play for the same college that his father helped lead to the its NCAA Championship 24 years ago.

"I'd love to follow in my father's footsteps and play for Louisville," Smith said Saturday evening at the Dean E. Smith Center. "I really like Coach Pitino, too."

Smith, an honorable mention All-League selection after averaging 9.8 points as a freshman last season, is working to get stronger this off-season.

"I'm working on getting stronger this summer," Smith explained. "I'm weight lifting and really concentrating on stregthening my body."

Not only did Smith's mother and father both attend U of L, his older sister is attending orientation on the Belknap campus this week and will be a freshman at U of L this coming fall.

With Louisville clearly in his blood, Smith is also looking forward to a January match-up against fellow 2007 standout O.J. Mayo and North College Hill in Louisville.

"That should be exciting!" Smith said.

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