The Wrap Up

The latest installment of 'The Wrap Up' provides answers to some of your questions submitted via the Friends of ITV forum and email.

Let's not waste any time and get right to the questions that were submitted...

It appears that many of you are concerned with the status of Michael Bush and his injury. This was a simple question...he's fine and fully recovered. He's been off the crutches for some time now and is showing no effects of the broken bone in his right foot that he suffered in the opening day of spring practice. I saw him this week...he's not even limping.

Like Bush, there seem's to be some concern regarding Bobby Leffew and the injury that forced him to light workouts during spring practice. I have been informed that he is recovered and will be 100% for the start of fall camp in August.

Speaking of fall camp...I was asked when the newest Cardinals will arrive. Most will arrive just prior to the start of camp in late July, so that they can get moved into their dorm rooms at Bettie Johnson Hall. However, I have learned that one incoming freshman (no name at this point) may arrive earlier than planned if U of L can get the proper permissions. His arrival will help with depth needs when practice begins. Stay tuned for more news regarding this possibility. Outside of that, I don't anticipate many arrivals earlier than expected.

Eligibility of the incoming freshmen is always asked about around this time of year. Technically, not one player is eligible at this point. The paperwork for the NCAA Clearinghouse isn't completed until the school year is out. However, I have spoken with a couple '04 commitments where eligibility may have been a concern and was informed that they have made the grade and have qualifying test scores. However, stay tuned to ITV over the coming weeks as this question will be answered during interviews following the completion of their high school years.

Since we are on the topic of eligiblity, let's go ahead and address Tyrone Saterfield. Saterfield was forced to miss spring practice due to academic concerns, but did continue to attend film sessions and weight training. He was even spotted on the sidelines a few times during scrimmages. ITV has learned that Saterfield is currently attending summer school at U of L and is on pace to be on the field come August.

Saterfield's presence on the field will play a large (no pun intended) role in the Cardinals defensive depth chart, which leads to the next question...what's the defensive depth chart looking like. Great question! Officially, there has been no depth chart posted since the end of spring practice, so I would mainly be posting my opinion. With that said, here's my starting lineup on defense:

Defensive Ends: Marcus Jones and Shane Bailey
Defensive Tackles: Bobby Leffew and Montavious Stanley
Linebackers: Robert McCune, Abe Brown and Brandon Johnson
Cornerbacks: William Gay and Antoine Harris
Safties: Kerry Rhodes and Brent Johnson

Keep an eye on Malik Jackson, Preston Smith, Antoine Sharp and J.T. Haskins early in the fall as they'll continue to fight for starting positions.

Speaking of William Gay...he could develop into one of the next great Cardinal defensive backs. He still has room for improvement, but I really like his fire and determination, as well as his ability to 'walk the walk.'

Now, on to recruiting...

Seems more people than I thought have taken notice of the amount of high Division IA talent in the State of Kentucky and the City of Louisville this year. I anticipate the commitment of Maurice Grinter to start a process of local talent choosing the Cardinals. Locally, right now I see Maurice Urrutia, Steven Garr, Earl Heyman and yes, James McKinney eventually pledging to U of L. Across the state, I expect two or three commitments, likely highlighted by Lamar Alston, which would give U of L one of it's largest in-state groups in school history.

Commitments...everyone likes commitments. With two (known) in hand already (Grinter, Darius Mann) U of L is off to one of its hottest starts ever. Don't be surprised if Bobby Petrino and staff reach double figures with commitments before the end of summer.

Let's face's a new era for Louisville football. Not only in the state, but throughout the region, the University of Louisville football program has climbed another notch. U of L is looked at as a winner by players in the state and the inclusion into the BCS, via the new membership in the Big East Conference, has put the Cardinals on level playing field with recruits. Do you realize, players commiting to U of L now are will actually being their careers in the Big East? The time is now!

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