ITV Video Interview: Earl Heyman

Louisville Ballard and Earl Heyman participated in the Male 7-on-7 tournament despite the constant rain on Saturday afternoon. During a break in the action, Heyman visited with ITV and spoke about his preperations for his senior season, current favorites and more.

While the 7-on-7 format benefits skill position players very effectively, it's not rare to find highly skilled linemen participating in the action as well. Such was the case this past Saturday at Louisville Male High School's event, as defensive end Earl Heyman of Louisville Ballard High School participated.

There is little need for a defensive end in this type of tournament, so Heyman frequently lined up at tight end for the Bruins.

During the interview, Heyman explains that the 7-on-7 format helps him improve his footwork and speed, as well as team chemistry.

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