Williams looking for right opportunity

Seattle's Marcus Williams is looking for the right opportunity and could begin getting his recruitment in order in the very near future.

Apparently the Arizona Wildcats have been out to see Marcus Williams and seem to have come away impressed enough to extend an offer and let the Roosevelt High star into the mix. Rodney Tention was at every one of Williams' games in Portland and was all over him at the Adidas Camp. The Seattle standout seems to have noticed.

"Rodney Tention goes to all of my games," Williams said. "He has been on me since ninth or tenth grade."

Williams knows the Cats are interested and claims that the Cats will likely offer when Lute Olson sees him play.

"Lute Olson hasn't seen me play in person," Williams said. "Coach Tention said that he will be at my first game in Las Vegas."

Right now Williams is not listing any favorites, but hinted that the Wildcats could move up his list when that official offer is in place.

"If they decide to offer they have to be more attractive," Williams said. "I want to go to a school that I'm wanted at. Of course you want to be wanted, and a scholarship means they want you to be part of their program.

""I really like them," Williams said. "They are a good program. I'm just waiting on Lute and the scholarship."

Although Williams hesitated to name a favorite, he did speak at length about Arizona and UConn.

"UConn has a legendary coach, a future Hall of Famer," Williams said. "They are a proven program and run a good style."

He had similar things to say about the Wildcats.

"They really develop their guards and send them to the NBA," Williams said. "I like that they play and up and down style. Of course you have to like Coach Olson."

In fact Olson is the key to the deal, just as is Jim Calhoun. Williams wants to speak with both coaches and make sure that they intend to stay for awhile.

"I don't want to go to a school and have the coach leave while I am there," Williams explained. "Coach Olson is the heart and soul of the program. I'm not sure what would happen if the leaves. They told me that he (Olson) has signed a new contract, but that doesn't mean he couldn't leave. I want to sit down and see what they have to say and see what kind of shape they are in."

At the time of the interview Williams was at a tournament in Portland where he was getting a lot of attention. In addition to UA and UConn coaches, coaches from Maryland, Michigan State and other high majors were on hand. It may sound funny considering he is a top-30 player, but Williams is just starting to turn heads. After the Adidas Camp a number of programs are cranking up the pressure.

One thing these programs can do is offer immediate playing time. Williams does not want anything handed to him, but he needs an opportunity to see the floor early on.

"I want an opportunity," Williams said. "I want a school with spots to play as a freshman. I want a chance to show what I can do right away. I'm not afraid of hard work or whatever, but I need a place that offers a chance."

Williams says he will most likely evaluate his choices after the Las Vegas camp, but he did mention that with a few days off between events he could formulate a plan. Without naming teams he has said that he will take at least three visits, but is not sure he'll take all five.

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