Updated Top 5 for Middle Georgia Athlete

Fred Bussey can play anywhere from fullback and quarterback to linebacker and saftey. The multi-talented prospect has the Cardinals among his favorites

Fred Bussey is holding two written offers right now, but a few teams have stepped up their recruiting and may be close to offering. This athlete is being recruited to play three different positions on the college level. An in state team has joined the recruitment of Bussey. What in state team is it and has his top five changed?

Fred Bussey says, "I am still holding two offers, Auburn and Florida. Louisville and Mississippi State are recruiting me very hard and have been for a while, so they may be close to offering. Georgia has kind of just started sending me stuff here recently, and I get something from them everyday now."

What position is Bussey being recruited to play?

"Anywhere from fullback, linebacker to safety. Quarterback is still a possibility, but I think I will play elsewhere."

Who is in the top five for Bussey?

"Of course the two teams that offered me (FLA & AUB), then Georgia, Mississippi State and Louisville."

"Any major Universities that will give me a chance are the schools I am really trying to earn a scholarship from this year. If someone offers me, then I will have interest in them."

This athlete doesn't plan on making a decision in the near future. He wants to wait and see all his options first. Expect a decision from Mr. Bussey sometime in January of 2005.

Academics are no problem for Bussey as he has the GPA and SAT score necessary to be fully qualified.

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