Media Day: Quotables

Selected comments by Stefan Lefors, Travis Leffew, Kerry Rhodes, Lionel Gates and J.R. Russell from Friday mornings University of Louisville football media day.

Friday morning, the 2004 University of Louisville football team met with the media to talk about the upcoming season.

Here are some selected comments from several of the Cardinals team leaders, including quarterback Stefan LeFors, tackle Travis Leffew, safety Kerry Rhodes, receiver J.R. Russell and running back Lionel Gates.

Stefan LeFors

On last season

Coaches are doing a good job of telling us last year was last year and it's over with. It's a new year a new team, each team has their own identity it's early important for us to take it one game at a time, everybody hears that a lot, but for us to really do that and think about Kentucky first and then after that Army. Right now everything is focused on Kentucky, no one is thinking about Miami right now.

On pressure to put up big numbers

I don't feel the pressure, I think it's a good enough offense to where you don't need to feel the pressure noboby needs to feel that pressure. Coach, he's going to put us in the right plays and the right situations at all times, so all you have to do is going out there and execute it and have fun.

OT Travis Leffew

On growing up in Wildcat country

The more I go back home the more I see red back home, people coming out Louisville fans. Of course last year the way we were coming out playing, people were buying into the Louisville program. Our offense is coming around and our defense is coming around and were playing as one.

Does this game against UK mean more to you?

Yeah, of course where I'm from it's only about 25-30 minutes from Lexington. Everybody back home thought I was going to go to UK and of course UK has a great team and everybody back home talks about them.

Kerry Rhodes

Does the offense overshadow the defense?

It goes with territory. They did good last year, so they are going to get all the praise, which they should. We tailed off at the end of the year and everyone knows that, we see the numbers everyday we are trying to put that behind us and come out this year and come out better and stronger. That's our motivations were not going to tail off like we did last year.

J.R. Russell

On the offense

We lost two linemen from last year, both seniors. Everybody is coming back, we've got Stefan coming back and we have Brohm who is a good quarterback backing him up. We are well off in the quarterback position and we have some other receivers who are going to make some plays and step up. Our running back situation, there isn't a better one in the country when you have four to five running backs who can all get it done.

What's it like having great running backs and recievers?

If one isn't doing it the other will do it, and most of the time we're both doing it. We just feed off each other. When we are running the ball and they pack the box and try to stop the run, then were going to go at them with the pass. When they step off, and back up zone with the pass we are going to kill them with the run.

On goals for the season

My goals for this year is to keep the team up and win Conference USA, that's the main goal. Next, is to go undefeated. We want to be like TCU last year. We want to go undefeated and hopefully go to the BCS.

On not looking ahead

We can't look ahead because we have a real tough schedule this year, we have to take one game at a time. Kentucky is always going to be pumped up to play us. Any given night somebody can beat you if you're not focused on them. Like I told the guys yesterday we are just going to come out one game at a time. Everybody is talking about Miami, Miami, Miami and TCU that's not till later on in the season. We have five other games before them.

On Brohm/LeFors

Me and Stefan came in together, we were always kind of close we played scout team together, and we've been together for four and a half years now. Brian just came in but we worked with him through the summer and we got to know him and how he throws the ball, he's going to be a good one. You all are going to hear a lot about him in the future, he's going to be a good one.

Lionel Gates

When you have a core of running backs who are capable of any guy being in the game at a time, you gotta really focus each day and come out and be the best and work hard. Those guys are great, hopefully Coach Petrino has enough [footballs] to give them all a ride."

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