Brandon Logan strikes fear in opponents

<B>Lexington, KY</b> - While it's often the offensive players that grab the attention during games, Lexington Catholic linebacker Brandon Logan had the full attention of the Boyle County coaches during their game Saturday night.

When discussing the top collegiate prospects in the Bluegrass State this fall, without question, cousins Brandon Logan of Lexington Catholic and James McKinney of Louisville Central will be two names that are at the top.

With his cousin James McKinney watching the game from the stands, Brandon Logan had an impressive outing in his teams season opener against Class 2A defending state champions Boyle County.

From the moment Boyle County's offense first took the field, it became apparent that the Rebels would spend the night running plays that kept the ball away from Lexington Catholics standout linebacker.

However, that didn't stop the 6-foot-1, 210-pound Logan from making a number of important stops. Despite the ball carrier frequently going to the opposite side of the field, Logan used his 4.6 speed to race across the field to become apart of the majority of the plays.

"I go 100% on every play," Logan said. "It's not just me, but the whole defense. You have to go 100% if you want to make the big plays."

Possibly the biggest stop of the night came late in the contest and on the rare time that Boyle County rushed to his side, Logan hit the opposing rusher square on as he reached the line of scrimmage, forcing a fumble, which Catholic would eventually convert into a touchdown.

"That was a big play and I didn't have many chances to do that," explained Logan. "It turned out to be an important part of the game and I'm glad that I was able to make the play."

The stunning 21-point comeback started in the locker room during the team discussion during halftime.

"I was kind of down a little bit," explained Logan. "We went into the locker room and talked about stepping it up in the second half and we did that."

With numerous scholarship offers, Logan currently lists Florida, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan and Tennessee as his leaders.

He is currently focusing on the start of his senior season, but will have a busy schedule throughout the fall visiting his favorites, starting with an unofficial visit to Louisville for the Cardinals home opener against Kentucky. "I'll be there for sure," Logan said. "Kentucky has invited me to some games to, so I'll go there too."

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