Huffman commits to Louisville

It didn't take Jonathan Huffman long to make his decision after returning home to Birmingham Sunday night. It's official...he's a Louisville Cardinal.

Jonathan Huffman is a Louisville Cardinal.

I called Coach Pitino a little while ago and committed to Louisville tonight," Huffman said Sunday night. "I think Louisville is the best for me out of all the other schools I considered. I like their style of play and I think Coach Pitino will really help me develop my skills."

Huffman, who will discuss his decision Monday evening on Inside The Ville Radio, said he's relieved to have his decision behind him.

"I'm excited and relieved to finally have made my decision," Huffman said. "Coach Pitino thought I was just calling and he sounded kind of shocked when I told him I was coming. He said he was glad about my decision and that he'll sleep a lot better tonight.

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