Scouting Stop: Male v. Ballard

Louisville Male completely controlled a game that most expected to be close as the Bulldogs defeated visiting Ballard 48-10. ITV takes a look at the dominating performance by Male's Stephen Garr and Ballard's Earl Heyman, as well as some impressive underclassmen.

Okay, I'll be honest. I am a graduate of Louisville Male High School, so I was a touch bias while watching this game. Go Dawgs! However, without question, the reason I was at the Male - Ballard contest on Friday was to watch Ballard defensive end Earl Heyman, as well as underclassmen Garnett Phelps and DeMarco Williams. Afterall, I had watched Stephen Garr, Doug Beaumont and company the previous weekend against Central High School.

With that said, Male's Stephen Garr stole the show and proved why he has received a scholarship offer from the hometown Cardinals.

"It was a great night," Garr said afterwards.

Great it was. Playing on both sides of the field as a safety and receiver, the 6-foot-3, 200-pound prospect made impressive plays at both spots. Defensively, he recorded 8 tackles (2 for a loss), forced and recovered a fumble and had one interception, which he returned for 30-yards. Offensively, he totaled over 60 yards and added a touchdown.

He displayed a great knack to get to the ball, making his most impressive stop of the night when he brough down Ballard standout junior Garnett Phelps for a 7-yard loss. He tackles well in the open field and closes quick on receivers.

While he will likely play in the secondary on the college level, he has good hands and a nice vertical, giving the opportunity to stretch out for receptions.

While Ballard's Earl Heyman didn't have the type of night that Garr had, it wasn't anything of his doing.

Heyman double-teamed (ITV)
"They ran away from me all night," explained Heyman. "I still had a couple good stops though."

What Heyman didn't mention was the fact that he was double-teamed for nearly the entire game. He played on the end for most snaps, but did spend some time at tackle. Heyman also plays most snaps along the offensive line and also helps on kick returns.

Heyman has great speed for his 6-foot-3, 260-pound frame and isn't shy about sacrificing his body to make a tackle. He moves down the line well and simply overpowers the opposition while rushing the quarterback.


Phelps with a nice catch (ITV)

DB/WR Garnett Phelps (Ballard): Some are already aware of the 5-foot-11, 175-pound Phelps. He has great speed and could likely excel at either reciever or cornerback on the college level. He made an unofficial visit to Louisville for the Cardinals win over Kentucky. One of the top prospects in the junior class.

DE/TE Demarco Williams (Ballard): Another name that frequent visitors to are aware of. Williams already has the size (6'4, 225), but needs to get a little more physical on the field. He missed his entire sophomore season with a broken leg, so he's likely still adjusting.

RB/DB Marcus Hughes (Male): If you attend a Male game you will hear Marcus Hughes' (5'10, 202) name called early and often...he's a definate playmaker.

QB Brian Anderson (Male): At 6-foot-2, 170-pounds, Anderson needs to add weight, but his arm strength has improved since last fall and his touch on the ball continues to improve. He'll play college ball, but at what level depends on his on and off the field work prior to the start of his senior campaign.


OL Matt Webb (Male): At 6-foot-3, 270-pounds you would think he's a senior. He's already displaying nice techinique along the line, especially with pass blocking.

RB/DB Doug Beaumont (Male): Even at 5-foot-9, 165-pounds, Beaumont is one of the more explosive players in the city already. He is very elusive, has great hands and speed.


WR/DB Antonio Brown (Ballard): Brown (5'10, 155) played most of the night and played well. Reminded me some of Doug Beaumont as a freshman in that he can play multiple positions and play them well.

LB/DL Dexter Heyman (Male): Younger brother of Earl Heyman. Didn't play, but has nice size (6'1, 200) already and will likely outgrow his older brother Earl.

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