Darius Mann-handles Opponents!

Louisville commit Darius Mann of Don Bosco (NJ) Prep had a huge game in helping his team to a 20-3 season-opening victory on Friday night. He spoke with ITV on Sunday about his performance, growing interest from other programs and more.

When you start at outside linebacker for one of the nation's premier high school programs, you're expected to be a solid contributor, but Louisville commit Darius Mann's performance in the school's season-opener has surprised many and drawn the attention of numerous programs.

On Friday, Mann recorded a whopping 18 tackles, including four for a loss, two sacks and two forced fumbles in Don Bosco's 20-3 win over St. Anthony's.

The two days following his outstanding performance, over 20 different programs, including Miami and Boston College, extended increased interest.

On Sunday evening Darius Mann spoke with Inside the Ville to discuss his summer work, his performance on friday and more.

ITV: As you were heading into your senior season, how did you approach summer practice?

Mann: I knew that I needed to give it everything. I went all out, as hard as I could for rep during practice. I play all out on every play during games, so I knew that I had to practice that way. We practice at a pace that most, so that helped me get ready for the season.

ITV: You made the decision to commit before the start of the season. How has things been since you committed to Louisville?

Mann: Before the season a lot of people were doubting how good I was was. Some were even saying that they didn't think that I was as good as the school I committed too. My motivation comes from those people that were telling my coaches that I wasn't good enough.

ITV: Talk about your 18 tackle performance from Friday's game.

Mann: I didn't think that I really had that good of a game, especially after watching the film. I didn't get any exposure on offense [he also plays receiver], but I really thought that I should have played better on defense. I know that I can play better than that. I need to improve my reads, take better angles and be more disciplined.

ITV: I understand that since the game, some aren't questioning you any more and are now interested in having you.

Mann: It doesn't matter. A lot of guys start believing in the hype when schools like Miami and Florida State come after them, but I don't. Nobody stays on top forever. My goal is to play in a BCS Championship game at Louisville and do whatever I can to help Louisville be the best that they can be.

ITV: Any pregame routines that you go through before each game?

Mann: Not really..it's more of a ritual. On game day, my grandma wakes me up, I eat breakfast and then give her a kiss goodbye. I always happy and have a big smile on gameday. The day before is more intense for me. I just try to relax and won't really do much the night before.

ITV: Did you get a chance to watch the Louisville - Kentucky game?

Mann: I didn't get to see all of it because I had practice. I was really impressed with Michael Bush...he's an animal. I liked how the team worked as a unit. That will make Louisville hard to beat. They looked real good.

ITV: Are you still 6-foot, 180-pounds?

Mann: No, I'm still 6-foot, but I'm up to 190-pounds.

ITV: Do you have a goal of how big you want to be when you get to college?

Mann: Yeah, I hope to add some height and be about 6-foot-2 and get my weight up to about 205-pounds. I want to be solid so I'm ready to go when I get to Louisville.

This weekend Don Bosco, which is ranked 19th in that Nation in USA Today's Super 25 rankings will face it's rival in Bergen Catholic, the nation's 25th-ranked high school program.

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