Monday Morning Quarterback

Ethan Moore provides his take on the University of Louisville's 34-0 victory against North Carolina last weekend in this edition of the "Monday Morning Quarterback."


UofL's offense looked like a well-oiled machine as the Cards whipped UNC. Eric Shelton led the way with 3 TDs, including his 37-yard run that seemingly put the game away in the 3rd quarter. Stefan LeFors was 13 for 16 for just 123 yards, but he continued to make all the right decisions throughout the game, especially on 3rd down. J.R. Russell had his most productive day of the season as did Montrell Jones. Even though U of L is averaging 38 points a contest, you get the feeling that the Cards are still playing a really conservative brand of football-in anticipation for throwing all kinds of new wrinkles at Miami in the Orange Bowl on October 14.


What else can you ask for from this unit so far this season? Through 3 games, the "D" is giving up just 7 points a game! While shutting down suspect opponents in UK and Army, the Cardinals put the clamps down on a legitimate offense in North Carolina. You have to go back to the 2001 season to find out where the Tarheels gained less yardage than they did Saturday. UNC QB Darian Durant failed to pass for over 100 yards for the first time in his career since he earned the starting role. All-world LB Robert McCune was all over the field all day long, even defending a long pass route that was sure to be 6 if he hadn't been there. The entire defensive line provided good pressure throughout the afternoon, making Durant misfire on several occasions. One aspect on defense where improvement needs to be made is one-on-one pass coverage. There were many times the UNC receiver had separation from the Cardinal defender and were wide open.


This department, like the entire team on Saturday, was very solid. Art Carmody nailed his two FG attempts of 24 and 34 yards. Montrell Jones had a shifty 12 yard punt return to set up Shelton's touchdown in the early 3rd quarter. Overall, this was the best performance of the season-in all areas.

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