Cards v. Pirates: Post Game Quotes

Louisville Head Coach Bobby Petrino

On today's game:
"It was a good game for us. I was really happy with the way our defense created turnovers and gave us a short field. I felt like we should've scored a couple of more times late in the first half, so we got after the offense at halftime and made sure that they understood that we were taking the wind in the third quarter. Our defense and special teams did a great job of setting things up for us and our offense took advantage of those opportunities."

On the play of Eric Shelton:
"Eric (Shelton) is running the ball really well right now. He's gotten a lot of the touches in the last two games and he's made the most of it. He had two really nice long runs today and he did a great job on the goal line as well. Breaking the big play is something we've been talking about a lot offensively and fortunately we were able to do that today."

On the play of the offensive line:
"Our offensive line's been doing a nice job. Everybody talks about our wide receivers or our running backs or our quarterbacks, but the offensive front five has been controlling things for us. They're allowing us to run the ball and throw the ball with success."

On the play of quarterbacks Stefan LeFors and Brian Brohm:
"Our quarterbacks did a nice job today of hitting the receivers in the hands. The receivers did a great job of getting open and they made the catches. One reason our passing percentage has been high is because both of our quarterbacks are making good decisions on when and where to throw the ball and they're both athletic enough to make positive plays when things break down or when we've called the wrong play."

On when he'll start thinking about the upcoming game at Miami:
"I'm already thinking about Miami. We're excited about playing them. I came here to coach in games like this and our players came here to play in games like this. We'll be focused and intense, and we'll get on the plane, fly down there and tee it off."

East Carolina Head Coach John Thompson

"Our team was ready to play this game. There's no question in my mind we were ready to play. We battled them. We missed tackles on the 67 yard touchdown run, got down 21-7, and we can't survive that many turnovers in the second half. They kept coming at us and we kept battling them.

On what you say to a team after a loss like this:
"As long as you keep trying, you're not failures. That's the only thing you can say. You put numbers and records on it, but that doesn't talk about your soul or what kind of man you are."

"I think this was a bad performance against a very good team. I think things are moving forward. Louisville's a very good team. They beat the dog out of us."

"James (Pinkney, soph. QB) really did a good job of directing the team. We've just got to execute. That's the most frustrating thing about this. We've got guys trying, it's just our execution. We've got to find a way to do the right thing all the times. In critical times today, they capitalized on it (our mistakes)."

Louisville Player Quotes

Junior RB Eric Shelton

On scoring five TDs:
"I was not expecting it, but five touchdowns are great. The offensive line did a great job. I need to give a lot of praise to those guys. They do not get a lot of media attention, but without them I could not do it."

"I've really been looking forward to a nice long run for a touchdown. That came last week against UNC and then it turned around and happened twice this week. Sticking to the game plan, running hard and getting behind the passes is the key, and you never know when you're going to come up out of one."

"There is always room to get better. There are mistakes on the field and things that you can improve upon, so I would definitely say that I am not running the best that I have. When I came here three years ago, my goal was to come into this program and give them an opportunity to get a running game. Not only have I done that, but Michael Bush and Lionel Gates have done it as well."

On his 67-yard TD run:
"It was a simple zone play. The lineman did a great job blocking. I think I broke one or two tackles and then I just took off. It feels good to score five touchdowns in any game."

On playing Miami in the Cards' next game:
"It's going to be a great game (Miami). I have a lot of respect for those guys. I know some of those guys and I came out of high school with a lot of the guys. I played them three years ago when I was at FSU (Florida State University). They play hard and they have a fast game, but we are a really good team as well."

Junior DE Elvis Dumervil

On today's game:
"We played hard on offense, defense and special teams and of course, that's a component of winning."

On the upcoming game at Miami:
"I'm just ready to go play. We've been waiting for it all year, basically taking it game-by-game and now it's here."

Senior FS Kerry Rhodes

On the upcoming game at Miami:
"It's not hard to think about them and it's going to always be in the back of your mind, but East Carolina got us worked up early on and we came out and played hard today."

Junior LB Brandon Johnson

On the play of the defense:
"Each week, it looks the game is getting slower and slower, and today the game felt like it was in slow motion. We made a lot of plays today."

On the upcoming game at Miami:
"We're going to go down there, try to put up some points, put on a show and we're going to try to come back to Louisville with a victory."

On the constant defensive pressure on the ECU quarterbacks:
"We noticed on defense that if you keep hitting (the quarterback), he'll take his eye off of the receivers downfield. He started doing that. We tried to hit him as hard as we could, as often as we could and it paid off."

Sophomore RB Michael Bush

On the play of the offense:
"Today, everybody was just making plays. We made few mistakes."

On the upcoming game at Miami:
"We've got to go down there prepared, focused and ready to play. They've got exciting players and it should be a good game, but they put their pads on just like we do."

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