Brohm talks about Miami

After being recruited by Miami, freshman Brian Brohm is looking forward to playing in a game against the Hurricanes.

As a senior at Trinity High School last fall, Brian Brohm drew the attention of every major college football program in the country. A few months before the High School All-American committed to Louisville, he visited with coaches from the University of Miami.

"They did in the beginning," Brohm said of the recruiting effort by the Hurricanes. "They came and visited a few times, but that wasn't going to fit into my plans and I'm at the place where I need to be."

Part of their recruiting process was focused on their claim of being the best choice for prep quarterbacks to improve their odds of playing in the NFL.

"When I was being recruited, [Miami] claimed that they were Quarterback U. and that they knew how to develop quarterbacks better than anywhere else. I think we're doing a great job here at U of L developing quarterbacks, so I think we have a little competition going on there."

However, while Louisville has put out a number of quality quarterbacks itself, the presence of the game against Miami was an attractive offering from the Cardinal coaches. Now that the opportunity has arrived, Brohm views it as a game with BCS implications.

"This was definately attracting when I was being recruited," Brohm explained. "The difficult task was getting to 4-0 and now all they hype is going to be here and it's a big game."

"We know that this is definately the biggest game of the year. It's our time to go and prove that we're a capable of going to a BCS Bowl. If we win this, we will have a shot at doing that. If we don't win, we obviously can't go to one, so it's a big game."

Not only is it viewed by Brohm the rest of the Cardinals as a game that could propel U of L towards it's first BCS Bowl, it is also viewed as a game, much like Florida State in 2002, that can draw national attention towards the 20th-ranked program.

"The is the biggest showcase that we are going to be on all year long. Everyone wants to go down there and give their best effort show the nation what we can do and hopefully we can come out and pull out a victory."

Despite the opponent being a recent national champion and currently ranked 4th in the country in both major polls, Brohm doesn't expect much change in the Louisville offense.

"We'll run our normal offense and hopefully it can be just as efficient as it has the past few games."

Brohm is also hoping to build on his impressive collegiate start. Through four games, he has completed 31 of 41 pass attempts with one touchdown pass. He has also rushed for two additional scores.

"I feel real good right now. Each game I have been getting more confident and I got a lot of confidence from the last game. Hopefully I can take that into Miami and build on that confidence."

However, he realizes that it will take a maximum effort by the entire team to pull off the possible upset.

"They've had a lot of great talent and have a great tradition," explained Brohm. "When you think of Miami, you first think of all the great athletes that they have. They definately have a lot of speed and their defense is good, year in and year out. I watched their first game against Florida State and they showed that their defense is one of the best in the land."

With an upset victory in the Orange Bowl, Brohm believes, as do many, that it would be the biggest victory in the history of the program.

"If we can win this one it would probably the biggest one in the history of the program. If we can win this and then win out, we will have a great shot at going to a BCS Bowl and that will be the biggest thing that this program has ever seen."

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