Pitino predicts Petrino will be at UL a long time

University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino predicted Friday afternoon that football coach Bobby Petrino would remain at U of L for a "very, very long time," after published reports earlier in the week mentioned the second-year football coach as a candidate to replace Ron Zook at Florida.

University of Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino doesn't believe football coach Bobby Petrino will go anywhere anytime soon.

After Ron Zook was fired earlier this week at the University of Florida, published reports mentioned Petrino's name as one of the prime candidates to replace Zook next season. However, Pitino says if he were in Petrino's shoes, he wouldn't consider making any move, especially with a new stadium, indoor practice facility and move to the Big East Conference on the horizon.

"If I were in Bobby Petrino's shoes two years ago and Florida came calling you'd have to really consider it," Pitino said. "But where Louisville football is today now in the Big East, I would never consider it for Bobby Petrino."

"We'll expand our stadium and be one of the major players in the Big East in football and we will be in the top ten," Pitino continued. "If it meant money [to keep him here] no one will outbid us. So from that stand point money will not stand in the way of keeping Bobby Petrino."

Having been a coach for over three decades, Pitino understands the elements of finding security and happiness in the coaching profession and said there's no better place to coach than at U of L.

"I don't see a better job [than Louisville]," Pitino said. "What I have found out after 31 years in coaching is that the most important aspect of being a coach is the ability to win. Money is secondary. The only thing significant in the life of a coach is making his family happy and winning."

"And where can you make your family any happier than here?" Pitino asked. "It's one of the greatest places to live and you also have the ability to win. Every year from this point on, Bobby Petrino can have a dominating football program and anything that he wants and needs we'll go out as an athletic department and get for him."

Pitino thinks it's a no-brainer that Petrino will choose to remain in Louisville well into the future.

"I think it's a no-brainer for Bobby right now [to stay here] and I wouldn't have said that two years ago," Pitino admitted. "I think we can be a top 10 program every year. Why should he go somewhere else? Ron Zook may go 8-3 but he got fired midway through the year; that's not going to happen at the University of Louisville."

"I don't think [Bobby] will go anywhere," Pitino predicted. "That's just my personal opinion. I think he'll be here for a long, long time. And we're very lucky to have him because I think he's one of the top three football minds in the business today."

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