Cards ranking, success help with FL WR Johnson

Conshario Johnson, a talented wide receiver from Tampa, currently holds offers from Alabama, Central Florida and others, but says he's favoring the University of Louisville.

Conshario Johnson is a 6-0, 180 pound wide receiver for Middleton High School in Tampa, Florida. Johnson is a talented prospect being overshadowed by teammate and four star wide receiver, O.J. Murdock, but Johnson now holds his first SEC offer.

"I have offers from Alabama, Iowa State, UCF, and a few other schools. Louisville and Georgia have been talking to me about offering. Alabama offered me about two weeks ago. The head coach ( Mike Shula) was waiting on my film and after he saw it, they offered me," said Conshario Johnson.

"My big three are Alabama, Louisville, and Georgia. I think Louisville is my favorite right now," Johnson added.

Louisville: "The thing that stands out about Louisville, they are an up and coming program. I would have the chance to play early and I like the program. They are losing their top wide receiver and I like the surroundings. It is also close to home."

Alabama: "I like that Alabama is in the SEC. They don't have many wide receivers and it is close to home. I know my family would not have a problem driving to any of my games."

Georgia: "I like their program and the atmosphere."

Johnson has not set any official visits, but knows what he plans to look for when he gets there.

"I will wait until after my season before I set up any visits. I know I want to look at the quarterback and wide receivers the school has. I want to see which school has a good engineering school and I want to see how good the football program is. I think the deciding factor for me will be the official visits and where I feel the most comfortable. I will make my decision after all of my visits," said Johnson.

The talented wide receiver knows what he can bring to the next level and what he would like to improve.

"I think my strengths are always making a play. I will always do whatever it takes to catch the ball and make a play. I would like to work on my explosiveness before I get to college."

Last Friday night, Middleton was able to host the first round of the play-offs.

"We won our first round Friday night over Dixie Hollins, 27-7. I had two catches. One went for thirty-seven yards and the other forty-three yards. I didn't get a touchdown. We play Fort Myers at Home this week. They have a pretty good team, but if we play as a team, we should do really good. For the season, I have twenty-nine catches for 480 yards with four touchdowns," said Johnson.

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