Bonner Enjoys Visit; Claims Solid Leader

Among the many official visitors to Louisville over the weekend was Huntsville (AL) High School tight end Careg Bonner, who actually made the drive to Louisville by himself. ITV caught up with the 6-foot-3, 230-pound prospect during his drive home.

"I drove up because I had a basketball game, so I'm now on my way home," Bonner said. "I'm actually at a gas station in Nashville right now."

Due to the morning snow in Louisville, Bonner chose to get a head start on the drive and missed the Cardinals Sunday morning practice.

"I wanted to watch them practice, but I wanted to get out of town before the roads got to bad," Bonner explained.

So, how did his visit to Louisville go?

"It was real cool. I liked it a lot. The game was great except for the loss, but I loved it at the game."

Bonner also said that he spent some time visiting with the U of L coaches on Sunday.

"I didn't commit yet. We talked about my position and when I would be playing and things like that."

While he didn't make a decision during his visit, the trip to U of L left a strong impression.

"They are definately in the lead right now," continued Bonner. "I just want to take all of my visits and then I'll make a decision."

Bonner has future trips scheduled for Mississippi State, Troy and Ole Miss.

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