Pitino impressed with Millard's performance

Though he scored just one point Saturday night against Central Park Christian at the Louisville Roundball Classic, University of Louisville coach Rick Pitino explains why he was impressed with 6-8 Chad Millard's performance.

Most casual observers of the game of basketball tend to look only at the number of points a player scorers to determine how good or bad they played.

And that was probably the case for most fans who attended Brewster Academy's game Saturday night against Central Park Christian at the Louisville Roundball Classic and saw 6-8 University of Louisville signee Chad Millard score just one point.

However, despite his lacking of scoring output, Millard's future college coach, Rick Pitino, was impressed with what he saw.

"He had only one point in the game but I thought he was terrific," Pitino said Monday afternoon. "He had an understanding of how to play the game better than 95-percent of the kids I see play today."

Pitino was especially pleased with Millard's unselfishness, understanding of the game and ability and willingness to pass the ball.

"I thought he was great," Pitino continued. "I thought he had terrific athleticism, fundamentally he passed up nine or ten shots to get better ones for his teammates. I thought he was brilliant and can help us."

Playing for the first time in front of a large crowd of Louisville fans, Pitino said he was pleased that Millard didn't try to force the action in attempt to impress the crowd or his future coach.

"I was so much more pleased than if he had jacked up shots and did silly things," Pitino said. "I was really, really impressed."

Millard admitted to local television crews following the game that he was somewhat nervous prior to the game. However, Pitino said he certainly didn't play that way.

"He didn't play scared," Pitino said. "He knew exactly where to pass, he knew how to pass and he knew all the fundamentals of the game. He was quite impressive."

Pitino was also impressed with 6-11 Jonathan Huffman's play offensively, but noted he's got some work to strength and conditioning-wise to make an impact next season.

"He started slow but got better as the game went on," Pitino said about Huffman. "He needs to spend more time training his body. He's got a good basketball game, he just needs to work on his conditioning and weight training."

The opportunity to see both Millard and Huffman last weekend, and with Andre McGee and Bryan Harvey both scheduled to play in Louisville later this month, Pitino said it's a big help to him to have his signees coming to town to play, especially with a busy conference schedule that is beginning to heat up.

"It's great to get a chance to see them play and evaluate them to see what they need to work on to play for us next year," Pitino said. "[Then] I can talk to them intelligently and tell them the things they need to work on."

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