Race for JUCO Zach Anderson too close to call

Prior to his visit this weekend to Ole Miss, defensive tackle Zach Anderson claimed the University of Louisville as his leader. However, the trip to Oxford, Mississippi made quite an impression on the junior college standout. Now, the race between the Cardinals and Rebels for Anderson's services appears too close to call.

Did you make it in on your Ole Miss visit? "Yea, I am tired. Real tired. It was a good time."

Did anyone accompany you? "No, I went by myself."

Who was your host? "Tony Bonds. He was great. He showed me a good time. I had a real good time up there."

What did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip that maybe you did not know from before? "They have come so far. I spoke with a couple of their older black football players, and they were telling me how much different it is now since they were there. They are steadily rebuilding. Not that Coach Cutcliffe did not do a good job, but Coach Orgeron is going to change things there. He has been at Miami and USC, so he knows what it takes. I just love his enthusiasm. He is going to change things with or without me, but I would love to play for a coach like that. It would be hard not too. He has put a lot of people in the league and knows what it takes to get there."

What most did you like about Ole Miss during your trip? "The coaches, yea, that would have to be it. Coach Orgeron has coached Warren Sapp and just a whole bunch of people."

Is that a big factor for you? "Yea, that has a lot to do with it. If he coached all of them players he can tell you when you are getting the job done and not done. He knows how to look you in the eye and see if you really want it or not. I need a coach like that."

What most did you dislike about Ole Miss during your visit? "Nothing really. I enjoyed myself, every minute I had. There was nothing I did not like."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "He is a real good coach. I like him a lot. He is real enthusiastic. Their whole staff is real fired up. I do not know if it is just because it is his first head coaching job or what, but I have never seen anyone as fired up as he is. But, I hear that is just the way he is. He is real cool. I love a cool coach. Really, their whole staff is cool. I am trying to determine where to go. I could put Ole Miss and Louisville in a hat, and it would not even matter."

Did Coach Orgeron ask you to commit? "Yea, he wants me real bad and I can tell."

What was your response? "That I am still open. I have to weigh all of my choices because I have a little girl I have to take care of. I will make the decision during the last week."

You told us that Louisville was in the lead when we last spoke; where do you stand now? "They are equal. Just like I said earlier, you could put those two in a hat, and I could not go wrong."

You mentioned that exposure was important to you; do you feel that the SEC gives you most exposure? "Yea, but everyone in the SEC has to regroup next year, but maybe Tennessee. They are going to be doing a lot of starting over in the SEC. There are not too many people coming back. But like I told their coaches, if you are a big time player you will get recruited by the NFL. I do not worry about that. I like competition, and the SEC does have the best competition. I want the players on my team to be like brothers. I found that at both Ole Miss and Louisville. I felt at home at both places."

Where do you visit next? "I go to Texas A&M."

Any inhome visits this week? "Coach Orgeron said he was going to call me and let me know. Louisville is suppose to come again. They have already been once."

Have any head coaches visited you yet? "No, but I think they are both coming over this week."

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